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Saint team has been investigatedLast week, the New Orleans saints cut offline Todd Davis, and the Denver Manga team took him away. When the wild horse tried to contact Davis, they found that Davis still in the training camp of the Saint team, this has violated NFL rules.

Obviously, the Saint team is hoping that Davis has changed to the free player after the freezing period of the cut, so they can sign into the training lineup, so it is reported that the Saint team is like training other players in training David. S, even after Davis was taken away by the wild horse.

In the early morning of Wednesday, Dalton released Tending: “If anyone is in the DFW airport, help you pay attention to 2 black suitcases, please feel free to contact me.” After a few hours, Dalton is tempted. The suitcase has not been found yet, but he did not give up the search, “I didn’t find the package, but I believe they will come back.”

Crows find new powerful internal wire combinationsFor 3-4 defensive formations, the playback of the internal guards is critical. They need to get rid of the cover to defend the ground attack, and then to remove anti-transmission. The implementation of the 3-4-formulated Baltimore Crow is more difficult to in the end of the season. This year’s first rookie CJ-Mosley (CJMosley), three games have three scores, while the other side Daryl Smith performance is also struggling, and five scores have been negative. The sixth Mosley state began to rise, contributed +7.1 in the game against the black panther, but Smith still didn’t get it, the fore total comment is only -6.9 points, and the ranking of 63 qualifications The 52nd place of the internal virtue.

After the birth of the ear, Rogers Kromuri was traded to the Philadelphia eagle. Two years later he came to Denver wild horse and rejuvenated his career. In the past four years, he played in New York Giants and was selected in 2015.

Rogers Cromuri is the first round of the first round of the red bird in 2008. It is selected from the 11th year of the past. It is selected to be selected from the ALL-PRO in 2008 (2016). He has played two super bowls, once in the rickets, once in the wild horse.

The 29-year-old money is 65 times, and the data of 182 bolts and 17-time Dove is in the third of the team. He fills up 16 games last season, complete 47 codes and 3 times a data queue of 497 yards and 3 times. He played the highest 53 bolts and 655 yards in the 2013 season.

Rogers Kromuri wrote: “Today I will retire, my NFL trip is also the end, thank God for letting me enjoy this time. A child who has no university has to play 11 years in NFL! In this alliance! I have participated in the super bowl, professional bowl, and more. When I made a decision, my mind is very calm. You may not understand, but this is cool !!! Thank you all those who have supported me, I will never forget Mr. Ooouu! (DRC claims) “

In the second half of the season, Bill is more enabled by the Switch, wholesale Jerseys and the top of Lee Smith is Trump. Smith has reached a 3-year-9 million-dollar contract with the Auckland raid team on Tuesday, and after the Trump is cut off, the Bill is only 3 close to the end, and the three people are not a ball. Director.

However, from the seventh weeks to the 10th week, Mosley and Smith have become one of the most threatened inner lines of the alliance. These four games Mosley contributed +9.1 score alliances, and Smith also contributed +6.6. score. Mosley is especially good in the anti-running end, + 11.6’s anti-run ratings is the second and 11.4% of the anti-running interception rate of the alliance. Smith is responsible for covering defensive, with average of 14.2 overlapping, which makes the other party successfully brought the ball, and the average coverage defense only throws 0.69 yards, which are row the sixth data.

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