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At Kittel lack, 49 people will rely on Jordan Reed to fill vacancies in Ross Dwelley. Reed played 10 gears in the first game in the season, while DVRLRE completed 7 battles in 2 games in Titel at the last season.

Steel people have been trying to upgrade their corner guard position. They selected Artie Burns in the first round this year, but during the training camp, the Burns crossed myocardia was injured, and only the last preseason was released.

49 people hope that the close-edge George-Kitel will return to the third weekSan Francisco 49-year-old George Kittle is recovered from the inner sub-ligament of the left knee, which usually makes most players to lack a few weeks, but 49 people think he is ready to return to fight On the third week of New York Giants.

Since the election of the election of the show in 2014, Gilbert was poor, and Judeofascism.Com he was just three games in two seasons. Gilbert often looks out of the direction during anti-transmission and is the direction of the opponent attack.

The Republican campaign stands up on Monday to support Braddy on Monday, and he held his rally just one hour away from the Gillette Course and mentioned: “You can’t let Braddy experience this.” Trump’s appeal has received the applause and support of many lives.

Last Safei proved that he was one of the best outer rushers of NFL, and won 12 times and killed 44 times. I forced the ball and twice. There is no player in the second half of the season than him to get more. He went 3 kills in the last two games in the season.

Indianapolis Pony 4-point Wei Andrew Luck is selected as the best offensive player of the United States. In the game with Jacksonville, Rac came out of 370 yards, and the highest-point guards of their careers were 140.4 points. In the competition, the 4 pass to Dacted in Rac also flatted their career records.

The privileged label allows the lion to retain one of the best defensive ends of the league and don’t have to give him a long to look for long & mdash; & mdash; they have a large amount of salary to accommodate this expensive 1 year contract. Mount Mats can become a piece of cornerstone when the new coach Matt Pautricia has created the team’s defensive.

Although the performance of the Saiyi is impressive, he has made him before the past two seasons, which will not fully ensure that they will stay in the lions next season. However, if the lion makes the player who have learned the two seasons in the past three seasons into the free player market will be very strange. In the absence of almost no other choice, let Mountainee a privileged label player is a reasonable choice.

In Monday’s nuclear magnetic resonance imaging examination, Kitte was confirmed that the inner sub-tunnel belt had damage, but he was recently seen in the 49-person training base, and there was no effect. This allows the team to believe and hope that he can return to the third week.

On the third week, the best announcement: Matt Ryan LeadMatt Ryan has successfully entered the state in the early season. In the first game of the third week, the Atlantan Falcon 56-14 accelerates the Pirace. Ryan also won the best offensive player of this week by its excellent performance. On the whole game, Len 24 times completed 21 times, won 286 yards and 3 times. There is no copy of the whole game, the code is 11.92 yards. For Falcon fans, the most exciting thing is the chemical reaction that Ryan and Hurio-Jones (JULIO Jones) have formed a chemical reaction that has made the opponent fear. Falcon star external hand Jones, this game, a 161 yard, 2 times. After three weeks, only Pedon Manning and Carolina Black Leopard were used in the first week of firefighting quartz, Dreu Anderson, had a higher quarter-off.

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