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“Many people talk about me last season. They call it a breakthrough season, but I don’t look at it,” career enters Bell said in the third year. “I thought last season as I just started …. I still feel a lot of things. I can do better. I don’t even close my best last year.”

The excellent performance of Pedon, the ball and passed the ball, harvesting fans, and let Pedon’s offensive group has a Swiss army. However, Hill, who appeared in the special team, was only passed 13 times in the regular season, successful 6 times. However, in the last season, he completed a 50-yard pass in the playoffs of the Nnem Dada Wei.

Fitzgerad: There are different heroes per game.Arizona’s Renary Watched Mingnesota Weijing has achieved a difficult victory. The team takes over the team, Larry Fitzgerald, said after the game: “Every game has different heroes.” In this game, the key to Fitzgerald Block Help Michael Floyd to complete the reachable, but the team’s hero is no doubt is the last time to kill the 35-year-old Old Old, Dewight Freney.

Freny said: “You can’t repeated this moment again. It is difficult to imagine this fantasy situation, Section 4, the most critical defense, I can do this.” The red rickets were in the game after the game was 12 wins. 2 Negative, the team’s goal will be an impact super bowl.

It is worth mentioning that Carson Palmer completed the 31st pass of the season in this season, breaking Kurt Warner in 2008. A team history record of 30 passes of the game. In the same year, Warner took the red tones into the super bowl.

Arizona Red Spits Siwu Keller Murray became the best offensive player in China. In the 34-33 victory of the Atlantan Falcon, Murray performance was efficient, 37 passed the ball, and successfully obtained 340 yards 3 times. In addition, he also got 32 yards. His mushroom makes the team’s most critical one. Now he has led the team to get two consecutive victories.

Bell told ESPN to compare the video of 2014 and 2015 training camp, and he found that he can now reach the place where you want to go faster. Bell was thin 4 pounds in the sniper, and he said that his current fat content was 2.9%. His exercise capacity in training has been very prominent.

In 2014, Bell was 23 times in the midfielder of the steel man offensive group with a lot of ball goals. This year, their offensive weapons, but because of their identity in the offensive group, Bell didn’t worry about their performance. This year’s training camp Zhongbell is already participated in more ball attacks over last year.

Revieng – Bell confident is faster than the past, more explosiveAlthough last season got a total of 2215 yards in the offensive group 11 times, Levie – Bell (Le & # 39; Veon Bell) The best performance of his career in this season is not just the dish.

New York Jet 4-point Sam Darnold became the best offensive player of Mei Week. In the first game after returning, Darnod 52 passed 23 successfully achieved 338 yards 2 times to 1 time pass, helping the team 24-22 to win the Dallas Cowboy. The most amazing performance in the competition is that he completed a 92-yard pass to the game. Only 22 years and 130 days of Darod became the youngest player in the Super Bowl of the Activity to get many at least 90 yards. The jet gets the season’s first victory under him.

Washington Red Skin Safety, Gu Langden Collins, became the best defensive player in China. In the game against the Armean dolphin, he dedicated full performance, winning 12 times, 1 killing, once forcing the ball, 2 times destroyed the pass and 1 擒 抱 number. As one of the highest salary free players this year, Collins show why it is worthy of this.

The New Orleans Saint abandoned the Thomas Morstead became the Best Technical Group Player of the People’s Republic of China. In the game, he completed 6 abandoned kicks, 5 times kick into the opponent 20 yard lines, and averaged 41.8 yards every time, helping the team 13-6 overcome Jacksonville America.

Pittsburgh Stevers, Bush, Bush, became the best defensive player of the United States. In the competition against Los Angeles Lightning, this rookie played a key role in two consecutive wave defensive in the early stage of the game, completing 1 time to return to the ball back to Dagger and 1 copy. He became the first time in the single game in the single game in 2017, he has completed a twice that grabs the ball back to the reachable and 1 copy. Bush also won 7 times in the game, and helped steel people 24-17 to overcome lightning, and gain two consecutive victories.

The 6th Zhou Guolian United States Best Player announcedThere is a rookie in both ends of the Attack and Defense Become the sixth week of the best player, and two young players and two veterans have also been awarded.

Baltimore Crow Bicker Justin Tucker became the best special team player of Mei Week. He is considered to be the most reliable player of the Alliance to create a history of creating history. He completed all 3 anygball shoots and 2-time tagging shot in the game 23-17 defeated Cincinnati. He became a player (118 games) that was the fastest reach of 1000 points in NFL history.

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