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According to ESPN reporters, the team leader Matthew Slat has returned, which means that he will not play this week. Slate is hurt in the Sweet Race, and the only unfortunate unfortunate in the patriotic special group. They blocked the kick, and they got a failure to abandon kick (Muffed Punt: Failed to control the ball after the attack of the ball), and completed the 103 yards to return to the array. He has been absent from four games due to leg thread.

However, the daily fantasy sports industry shows no signs of slowing, there is innovation every day. For example, not long ago, a group of companies together to create a new daily fantasy sports industry, based on the game. Today, so-called e-sports fantasy every day is a major event in the game players. When it comes to innovation, I can not help but mention Fantasy Advantage, which is a new machine learning algorithm, which uses artificial intelligence to help you set up a perfect fantasy football player lineup, increase your chances of winning. I can not say how accurate, but the technology can be free to use, so try not hurt. There Scorum, an interesting new platform, using technology to block chain Fantasy sports and sports news world democratization.

Ohio State University Corner Wendon Conley and Marshon Lattimore also attended, but teammates Safety Malik Hooker will not attend. Louisiana State University’s Corner – Davius ​​White (Davious White), Safety WeijaMal – Jamal Adams and Running Greu Onder – Wonte (Leonard Fournette) Will participate in the ceremony. Defensive Diarun, Jonathan Allen, and Cam Robinson, will attend the Alabama Chi, Washington University is a Kevin King and the outer johnjan – Rose (John Ross).

Patriot specialist group captain and others have not trainedBefore going to the Mexican game this week, the new England Patriot will train in Colorado Springs to adapt to altitude. But injuries cause a number of players to absent.

CHRIS Hogan returned to the fox by shoulder injury, he was absent from the horses in the last week. Right cutamus Cannon has failed to participate in last week, and the ankle will restrict his actions this week. La Aderian Waddle will be substitute it.

Carrier also made a discretion in a raid. Regji-McKinsea said that he was received by the front raid, the information of Charles Woodson, and the latter told him that “Carrill must retire, he can’t wear a red helmet.”

Many fans believe that the referee is too tight, resulting in a foul which is often blown by the referee, but the alliance said that it is actually faster this season: the average time of each game from last season 3 The hour was shortened by 3 hours and 05 minutes and 41 seconds.

The child of the raidman Carrier McKinsey is selected by the chiefAuckland raids did not pick General Manager Leir McKenzie, Kahlil McKenzie. Choosing Carril is the partition opponent of the raid Kansas City chief.

“I can’t wait to want to take it twice this year, and there is still a big late year next year,” Carrier said he told his father. “Our family is very good. We compete in everything. This is only an aspect of competition. We all excited. I am very excited to join the Chief of Kansas City and help them … pain … Flat raid and NFL other teams. “

NFL invites 22 university players to attend Cheap Nfl Jerseys draftAlthough the quasi-champion, Texas Garrett and Alabama near Targes OJ Howard have other intended on April 27, but NFL still has found a lot. Potential Xinxing attended the draft day.

The issuance of data statistics on Friday shows that in the first five games of this season, the number of illegally exposed violations is approaching the fourth quantity of fouls in the first five games in the season. The number of defensive squares is 2 times. The illegal contact foul has increased from 15 years in the first five games to 59 times this season. Defensive Fangli people fouled 52 times from the first five games last year to 115 times this season.

On the university show, Carrier, who served as a defensive cut off at Tennessee University, participated in the training project of the offensive front line. And his performance is enough to convince the chief to pick yourself as a sharp.

In general, this season has been punished for more than 163 definitions in the same period last year. In addition to the number of illegally exposed fouls and defensive squares, the NFL referee also sentenced a penalty of 14 offensive party interference, 48 illegal hand actions fouls and 7 ridiculed opponents or non-sports moral behavior fouls .

Distance to the NFL super play, there are 3 days! Official decryption activities, look for enough you! NFL official WeChat, microblogging, APP first open line linkage decryption activities! 3 days 3 levels, you can get a generous gift through the task, you may get a generous gift, and it is possible to be a member of the NFL Super Goagle!

For those who still want to know what in the end is a fantasy football, this is a game, a group of players to form a coalition, selected from a group of real-life professional football players set up their fantasy teams. Then, the performance of the entire season to give fantasy team scores based on each real football player. He has received the highest score of the team throughout the season Fantasy players will get the final victory. Fantasy football is a major among friends or colleagues to play the game, sometimes involving some real-world money friendly bets.

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