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Lightning quartz Wei Taylor: New Xiu Herbert’s joins will not change your mentalityAfter Philip Rivers, everyone expects Los Angeles lightning to pick four-point guard this year. This is also true of Tyrod Taylor.

Jeffry Lurie said: “Pitt is a near-end of the game, and is one of the best players from the team. He has selected professional bowls five times. It is a key member of the 1960 champion team. He has countless results in the end of the 11 years. We also retired from 44. Pitt’s influence is not stopped, he as a player, general manager, explanation, NFLPA leaders Make a great contribution. “

McLene is one of the merits of the gifted people in the Cowboos. If he can’t play this week, then the team must be more important in restricting the Green Bay packaging team to run Guidi-Lusi Lace. Pay some effort.

Pirates tradles in August for the second consecutive year. Last year, Pirates traded to New England Patriots, got a Moveron Mankins. Wright got 259 yards 6 times to get 259 yards for the patriot. He is the only player traded more than once since 1995.

Safety Wei Jiamar – Adams: Jet still does not open the renewal offerNew York Jet Safety Wei Jamar – Jamal Adams is the first round show in 2017. But when the news came out of the year, Myleg Galrett, when the negotiations were renewed with Cleveland, it seems that Adams is still far from his second contract.

“I didn’t even get them to say the first offer sent in January,” Adams said. “But I am called & lsquo; someone who is selfish & rsquo; there is no practical action in the mouth without practical action.”

According to informed people, if the lightning is finally moved to Los Angeles, the raid people may move to San Diego in 2017 or 2018 season. Among them, those who know that the raid people move to San Diego “very feasible”.

The lion sent a replacement player Kelle Brindza as an exchange. Bulinza will have a short chance to compete for the pirate player. Pirates are still playing in the rotation trial player, and they signed the old connor barth last week.

Lightning Picks Oregon University quartz Justine – Justin Herbert. The team coach Anthony, Anthony Lynn, recently admitted that Helbert could not compensate the training opportunities that influence the abuse of the epidemic during the course. So Taylor “may” start appearance in the first battle in the season.

The eagle is close to the end of RenlaifUS time, the eagle officially announced that the front of the old eagle near the pre-selected professional bowl was passed away in the morning, and the year was 88 years old.

“Levraf has also been constantly communicating with the team and Philadelphia. I have been fortunate with Piti for a few years. He is a real gentleman, very sincere to everyone. I represent the Eagle Club to Pitt Family friends have caused mourning. “

The lions have been seeking to replenish Brandon Pettigrew and the first round of Eric – Eric Ebron, in 2014. Height 6 feet 7-inch red zone passed the goal of Joseph Fauria, which has been close to the third, but it is difficult to maintain health and do not have a lot of performance in the preseason.

Before this transaction is completed, Wright and Bulinza may be cut off when the team lay offers to 75 people. Despite the two people in the new team, they cannot be guaranteed to be able to stay, this transaction makes the two more opportunities to compete for the quotation.

Lezraf is one of the 1960 Champion Captain, and one of the 9 players of the eagle retirement number. He is one of the near-ends of the alliance, the first-end and covering ability. At present, the number of balls (7412) is still ranking second, second only to Harold Carmichael, Harold Carmichael. .

“I was selected in the sixth round of the draft. Even if I started from the day I was selected, I always had the mentality of the starting player,” Taylor, who is about to usher in the 10th season. “So, no matter what situation, I will always have such a mentality, this is what I psychologically prepared.”

Taylor has also served as the role of transition quadrant. In 2017, Cleveland Brown has got Taylor from Buffalo Bill, and then selected Baker Mayfield in the draft. Taylor was started at the beginning of the season, but the head was injured in the third week. Mefield will then appear in the first place.

Cowboy McLeen is the earliest training on Friday Wars, but Dallas denim internal line Dallando McLan (Rolando McClain) still did not get rid of the plague of the brain, according to local media reporters, McLeen will return to the training ground at the local time.

McLene was injured in the outer cassessories of Lion Team last week, Jason Garrett, said earlier this week, McLean’s neck is not comfortable. According to the Cheap Nfl Jerseys Union, McLean wants to obtain the qualifications of Sunday, and must pass a number of inspections on brain shock.

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