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The 14-year-old TJ-IWUNBIBIBIBIBEI was diagnosed with a rare brain cancer, and he will announce the first round of a new show in the NFL draft this year. Roger Goodell, which is usually responsible for the first round of the union of the first round of the team, will be responsible for giving the jersey to the crow.

“I heard that you ask him to participate in the NFL draft, and your wish is to announce the first round of a rookie of the crow,” Hubble said. “Well, good news. Next week, your wish will be realized in Philadelphia. This news is great!”

Crow with Corner Mucus Pites for 3 yearsSince the 7th week, the Roewei Mark Pites has become a second-line backbone while contributing outstanding performance. Baltimore is not intended to let him go anywhere.

Harris has been 33 years old this year, and has a large phase of the state in the 2010 season’s season helping the jet won the patriot. But he is still a very efficient player. The current line guard team still has a reinforcement space, Harris will try to help the latter to defend.

Pitas has been in five years in the Alliance, once selected a professional bowl. Last season, he came to the ram from the chief, and he kills the super bowl with the team. He is currently preparing for the playoff game with the United States. It is very promising to continue the expedition.

“Obviously, it is difficult to replace the running guard like Adrian Peterson. He is the best running guard in the league,” Sam Bradford “said on Wednesday. “But I will get one person to fill it … I think we have a group of outstanding running guards. I think the players after him are urgently wanting this opportunity.”

Nfl Jerseys TV reporter Tom Pelissero said that three different doctors have given similar opinions based on the informed news, that is, the fracture site will heal itself. The current plan is 4 months later, check the injury in Pierll Paul. It is now expected that he takes 5 to 6 months or even faster time to recover, which means Pierre Paul will return to the stadium in October or November.

The last quaterno king has confidence in his own stateThe eagle opened the season three-day winner, and they last at 3 wins and 0 negative openings or the 2004 season, and in that year, they have entered the super bowl. But last year’s Wug king, the eagle’s all-star run Guihenen McCoy, but it seems that the team is not on a track, his data this year is 60 times a scorpion 175 yards, an average of average The ball is only 2.9 yards, which is not expensive to achieve 5.1 yards last year.

The eagle played a good attack on the road last year, this year, this year, I suffered from injuries, the first five people, Jason Peters, Left Matter Evan Masis (Evan Mathis), the center Kelce, the right trip, Allen Barbre, has suffered from different degrees of injury, last year’s first round show, the original right truncation The ban Johnson has not ended. The injury of the offensive frontline is also one of the important reasons for the decline in the McCyben season.

But he does not seem to think that he is not in the state. When he was asked (Status downturn), he said: “I don’t understand what you are talking about. I don’t think I am in a downturn.” And the eagle coach Qicu-Kelly said he said he said. Without the private exchange with McCoo, “His winning is stronger than anyone, this is also the people who are loved. He is more than the top three in the top three in the past year. And the person who offensive front line has a certain effect. “

“We pray for good luck and pray for him,” The pirate coach Bruce – Alianz (Bruce Aria) said in an interview on Friday. “This matter is very unfortunate, we can do only prayer and hopeless results, I hope only 5 to 6 months he can recover.”

Pirate defensive end Pierre Paul decided to do not accept surgery to treat neck fracturesBeijing May 11th, due to a car accident, the neck fracture Tampawan pirate defensive end Edge Pierre Paul decided not to receive surgery.

Mike Zimmer confirmed that McKinnon will serve as the starting run in the future. Considering the advantages of McKinnon’s experience in the Viking offensive group, Hilman may only serve as the No. 3 running guards in Viking. Have a 863 yard in the wilderness 207 times in the wilder season.

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