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“We will not talk about contract details in the media, but we will not trust Dude Shaowen. We are very loved to him, we hope that he will stay for a long time. But we will not talk about the contract negotiations, This is something between us and Dedian brokers. “

After the official end of the partnership, the cowboy will start the coach search. After Bill Pasers (Bill Parcells) retired, the denim interviewed a large number of heads of the head, including Galley, Norv Turner, Mike Singletary, Jim Caldwell, Ron Rivera, Todd Bowles, Todd Bowles, Todd Haley and Tony – Spartrano ( Tony Sparano).

In the previous attack, Andre – Johnson (Andre Johnson) is the same off the ball so that the team lost the chance to score. Local time Friday morning, Hopkins once again supplement, he thought that the ball should be convicted of passing off is not completed, Wholesale Nfl Jerseys and said he is willing to take responsibility.

“Jiemein White Hainde is unacceptable to the social media after the game today,” said the team in the statement. “We are learning immediately and Jiemein immediately after learning these speech. Brown will not allow such languages and behaviors. This matter will be resolved internally.”

Hopkins did not seem to regain the ball is the reason he is not active, but then he also defended himself, claiming that he was just thinking too much. Hopkins told the Houston local media: “I think my judgment is a problem I did not see the ball bounce so I look for the ball, I was pretty sure they can get it but in the end I failed… I think it’s because I was thinking too complicated. “

“One of the most decisive not only my career, but also the greatest moment,” Cech said in Bailey asked about the past. “Leave jets, plus Robert (- Kraft) (Robert Kraft) for giving me the opportunity to come here, I can not ask for more when the team environment is not to my satisfaction, I do not want them. part, so I left. another moment that Robert gave me the opportunity to come here, make trading decisions, he paid a high price so I came here, this is less important transaction. “

O’Brien said: “Dedo is a good player, it is an excellent person, we hope he can stay here for a long time. & Hellip; & hellip; I know that we are working hard, will not disclose all details for the media, but we are right He and the future of the offensive group are very confident. “

Texas people coach: working hard with WatsonUS Time Friday, Texas Coach and General Manager Bill O’Brien (Brien) said that the team is “strive” with a broker of the Siwu Denwen Watson, talking about the contract Continue, and “We hope that he can stay here for a long time.”

Sino is a two-round show in the pirate 2016, and the season will play three games, and 1 kill is obtained. Sunday lost to Bill’s game, Spencer participated in 35 files in 68 defensive groups, but then encountered the fourth shoulders in two seasons.

Pirates defensive Dide Wild Scotus will receive the second shoulder surgeryNOAH Spence has entered the list of pirate injury reserves, according to the coach Dirk Koetter, the Sino Season is reimbursed and will not return.

Cowbi This year, the record is 8-8, and the fourth time in the past nine years of joining the season. Galert leads 85-67, the number of winners is second only in Tom Landry in the history of Deni, and is also the second long coach of the team history. But this time he only won the two playoffs, each time you will definitely fall down.

Cowboy master coach Jason Galt does not stayUS Time Friday, according to ESPN reporters, Denim Jones Jones Jones, Stephen Jones, Executive, Stephen Jones, have made decisions and will not retain Jason Galrett (Jason Garrett) ).

Outside the Texans took over for failing to snatch the ball out of the much-malignedIn this week’s tournament on Thursday night, the Houston Texans had a chance to reverse the Indianapolis Colts. After the game, J.J. Watt (J.J. Watt) said he needs to find ways to do more for the team. In our view, Watt has been good enough to do really need to do more of a wide receiver D’Andre – Hopkins (DeAndre Hopkins). In the final moments of the game, the Texans had a chance to be reversed once instigated offensive game, but it was quarterback Ryan – Fitzpatrick (Ryan Fitzpatrick) off the ball, but the ball closest to Hopkins did not grab the ball back.

According to Multi-Party Report, Jones father and Galt did not meet on Thursday in accordance with the plan. They have been talked over Monday and Tuesday, but they did not have any conclusions. Galert’s contract will expire 1.14. In February in February last year, the cowboy did not give him an invitation. His destiny has also begun to be confusing.

“I am very grateful to the deal a success,” Bailey said Cech. “I am grateful for the support Robert Kraft family, the team and all of New England Patriots fans, I will continue to do my best for this team and & mdash club; & mdash; try to dedicate the best performance, I am grateful to have the opportunity to join the team. In that case then I can not continue to stay there. “

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