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Falcon unintentional trading quartz-Lan and External hand Hurio-JonesAccording to informed people, Atlantan Femplay will not trade deadlines on November 3 to trade for four-point Swan, Matt Ryan and the star, Julio Jones.

Falcon President and Chief Executive Officer Rich McKay Previously, the new general manager of the team will have the right to make a decision on the team lineup. Boss Arthur Blank said that traditional methods are usually the first employment of general manager, then hire coach, but it may not be the same for falcon.

McKai and Brack did not have a special commitment to Lai En will continue to make falcivices in the next season, but Maikai said “There will be no situation in order to take the leader and general manager.”

The armor of American football equipment is diverse, in order to be designed for different locations. However, the protection range contains front chest, backup, shoulders. The guards of the front line thicker, the outer hand and quadrant pay more attention to the extension of the shoulder site.

The location coach in Pebus will be Eric – Eric Washington. Washington joined the black panther in 2011, he caught up with the first year of Pebus in the last year of the bear team. Washington said in the official website that Pebus came to Peibus in these years.

“This is a good problem,” Lu said. “I won’t criticize anyone afterwards. This is the coach to determine a class. For me, this is what I need to think after the game. But we have confidence in all players. We have confidence in our attack, In the absence of less than 1 yard, this type of full-service impact / quartz guard, which is the world we now. The previous tactics have been successful, so we feel that it can work again. I think when you should be responsible for this, the person I feel that the blame is a coach. “

It is reported that the reason for the opening is because his mistakes have caused Jake Locker, Zach Mettenberger, Markus Marcus Mariota. Quad-defense injured, although Titan thought this was just luck.

Because it is unable to protect the four-dimensional Tantan Open offensive line playerRecently, Tennessee Titan once opened its own offensive line player Ken Whisenhunt, and the people were very surprised by people, but they know why people asked “Why is it now only?”

The above is a standard dress of a American football player, and it will be banned by any one. Some athletes can reasonably increase protection according to their own needs. For example, the outer junction will increase the backplane, and some of the players will be edited by the festival support equipment.

This attack is purely the result of excessive training. You need to advance 1 yard in the most important place, let your best players help you win the game. Don’t give the ball to the whole game, just played the 8th attack. If you don’t let McCaffli squatting, then the four-point guards can also be a reasonable choice. In that case, let the whole guards are not ideal.

There are 7 pieces of standard leggings, 2 protective knees, 2 protection thighs, 2 protects both sides of femur, 1 protect the tail vertebra. There have been some outer joins to wear legs for running faster, which is prohibited by the Alliance.

Black Leopard coach: The key four-speed attack failure cannot be blamed on the playerIn the first NFL competition coached by Matt Rhule, his tactical arrangement made Carolina black panther fans could not touch your mind.

At 1:23 seconds left in the game, the Black Panther has been in the Las Vegas raid in 30-34, and they face four-speed 1 yard attack at the other 46-yard line. In the case of 2 pauses left, if the first attack can make the black panther continue to advance and won.

Today, he completed 5 games, but he didn’t have a game of single game with learn more than 100 yards. Worse, in the past four games, he has 3 games for less than 60 yards. This week’s dolphins will make the Jacksonville American tiger, Wallace looks forward to it: “I am not an unpredictable, maybe our attack is indeed a general, but we will become better.”

The black panther defensive front line coach said that the Pebz worship is not reduced.A defensive end of Julius Peppers, this year’s offering period, as a free player returned to the old master Black Leopard. The people here still hopes to him.

Dolphin Quarter Weon-Tanny Tannehill has conducted more than 20 yards of passions more than 20 yards this season and completed 7 times. I said to this Wallace: “This is what I need to do, I can help the team in the long biography.” For Wallace, leaving Pittsburgh, choosing an immature quadruple partner does affect him. Performance. Tannyhir is still unable to take advantage of the biggest advantage of Wallace. We are very curious if the dolphins will be hiented between the two people?

Dolphin junction lacks long-distance catchingMike Wallace signed a big contract with Miami Dolphin in 2013, he hopes that it will bring help to the team, and provide a deep threat to dolphins. But now, a year has passed, Wallace’s achievements and the original idea is inevitable.

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