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Opportunity he made this achievement possible, and the second time the Saints in the offseason signing of Adrian – Peterson (Adrian Peterson) also make a number of contributions related. If Peterson can stay healthy in the new season and outstanding performance, then the opportunity will be reduced Ingram.

Now, after Bresi Lead, given his health record, finding his successor is not a top priority. The primary task of pirate is to complete the defending in the new season. But Lecht has become an open attitude toward Garbit. “I will not exclude any possibility,” he said.

Although not directly denied the report on the 2016 season, Fitzgerald is also avoided to avoid the future plan: “I don’t talk about the future,” Fitzgerald said. “I don’t even know what I will eat tonight. I don’t want to say that I will plan next year. I have been resended for a year. I believe that we are doing now.”

Fitzgerad’s performance in this game is worth the most praise, he completed 81 yards 2 times. This is another classic manifestation of Fitzgerald. He is 33 years old and will definitely be selected to be selected in the celebrity hall.

Coach Sean – Payton (Sean Payton) the running back position competition called “Sweet trouble”, he believes this will not cause trouble to the team. As long as the Saints can win, then Payton will prove he is right.

The publisher of this New York Yankee’s legendary person has recently announced that it is about to go to Gronoski, and the title is “IT & # 39; s Good to Be The Gronk”. Kitot said: “Gronoski is unlimited in the field inside and outside the court, and we will help him put his innerness.”

Gronoski is recommended for his own book: “If you want to know how tall professional bowl players make big money, how to get a big bowl, how to win a super bowl, if you want to share your life with your family? So this book is suitable for you! “

31-year-old Garbert missed the entire 2019 season because of the addition of the pirate injury in the quarter. He played 4 games last season, and he successfully obtained 143 yards 2 times in 16 times. Among them, 15 passes were carried out in the sixteenth week 40 points.

People care about Fitzgerad because he is still very good now, and after the 43nd Super Bowl is just a stone’s throw away, it is now the best opportunity to return to the super bowl after that. Fitzgerald has followed the sago in the 2017 season and even his father said that he did not talk about retirement. Ian Rapoport reported that Fitzgerald chooses to have a large extent to file questions about his future.

Ingram Peterson said last week agreed to let the two compete better argument together, he said he played for the Saints during the competition is not new, a lot of running back and he had to share playing time.

In order to give Lewis out of vacancy, the American Tiger team took the injured new show, Allen Robinson, Wholesale Jerseys put it in a list of injuries in the season. Robinson lost to the Darlas Deni team on November 9th.

Kitt Publishing Company is a Book of GronoskiNew England Patrioper’s close-end edue Rob Gronkowski is now writing books for yourself, we have to tell you to help him from the book before you are surprised. Derek Jeter company.

New Orleans Saints running back Mark – Ingram: to face competitionBeijing June 19 hearing New Orleans Saints running back Mark – Ingram (Mark Ingram) last season, his first in 16 games his first season, attendance and rushed the ball a few yards over a thousand.

The Betus, who was selected by the Jacksonville American Tiger, who was selected by the first round of the draft, has not had a first opportunity for the San Francisco 49 in 2015. His last, 10 games, was in 2012 for the Jenan Tiger, and later he lost the first position and eventually flowed into multiple teams.

The 30-year-old Lewis has been taking a break after the second week of the ankle, and after a half of the time before, I got 8 battles 106 yards and a achievement. Lewis will fill the slot vacation of Robinson to a certain extent, and Robinson took 48 passes before the injury received 548 yards.

“First, I love his vitality,” Lecht said. “This season is standing on the court. I really became very tight. He is a very smart player, but the scouting and I often talk about this. He is my love in the daily training. Players, because his arm is very powerful. His pass is also very accurate, he can pass the ball into a small ball space. If he has to go to the game, he fell in the game of Detroit Lion, but If he has to play for more time, I think he is really able to make many people open your eyes, especially in view of him, I have already played two years in the same set of offensive systems. “

This week, for the ram fans, the most exciting news is that the defensive core Chris Long is finally going back. He participated in the team on Wednesday and showed excellent. The team coach Jeff-Fisher revealed that the ram was activated in the local time, and he was removed from the injury reserved list.

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