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Crow fans queued to replace Rice’s jerseyOn Friday afternoon, the crow fans were queued to replace Rice’s jersey in the main body of Baltima Crow. The team is open for 2nd for the ball to return some of the allowed Nike jersey, and there is another product. Here are some regulations:

Drew Bris: No news about the contract 3 monthsThe presenter is in front of you, but the quartz Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saint-BREES said that the team’s contract negotiations start from spring but no audio.

Although there is still time to make a decision, if the front team can’t make a choice, then the season is over, Bris said: “I want to say that the time node is before the regular season is not the training camp. Before starting. “

The 37-year-old old will soon entered the last year of the contract, his contract was 5 years of $ 100 million, recently told reporters: “I don’t know why things have not progressed, and they ask the negotiation requirements in March, before the team I hope to introduce Josh Norman presents a request for reforming the contract, then there is no discussion about the contract. “

The beast mode eight into four crush empty turns, one yard copy of the first round to defeat the helmet. The two semi-finals can be said to be said to be a positive pair of personal charm and patriot fans?

In terms of defensive group, the Auckland raid passenger shocks Bruce Irvin has become the best defensive player of the United States of America with 6 擒 2 times. In the raid 19-16, he often rushed to the opponent’s four-point guards in front of the PHILIP RIVERS. His continuous pressure is that Rivers only passed 30 times, 17 times successful, 206 yards, 2 times to reach 1 time, pass the key reason.

1NFL license product

2 is produced by Nike or Rui

3 Products purchased at the crow home store or team official website

4 replacement behavior must be part of it

5 Products that need to be replaced must be completed within the specified date

6 one person can only replace one of the autumn clothes

The Octa Four Battle Federal Special Promotion of Minneapolis miracles have surprised a lot of people. Or, this is another power of the patriot fans. After Xiahe, he took the three fingers and three fingers, the danger of Edelman magic ball, could not help but sigh: Is it 31 & gt; 1? & Hellip;

Teacher Lin opened the beast mode, triggered the earthquake in the home fans, and the straight arm block on the way, there is a domineering that makes people got the bumps, and then I still feel shocked.

New York Giants abandoned the Brad Wing became the Best Technical Group player in China for the second consecutive week. 5 times in the game against Dallas denim allowed the cowboy to start from 20 yards, the temperature was completed 7 times in the game of Detroit Lion, and the average kicked 41 yards. Two of them were kicked into the opponent 20 yards, and 57 yards were fly once, which helped the giant 17-6 to overcome the lions and continued to maintain the champion of the National District.

The president of Penguin said: “Everything in Rooney is so good, this is also the reason for the outstanding steel man, he is loyal, humor, and strives to never forget where he is cheap jerseys from china. Everyone is worth learning, studying him is How to live on how to operate themselves, his team is one of the most successful teams in sports history. “

Pittsburgh Penguin expresses the boss of steel people US Time Thursday, 84-year-old Pittsburgh Steelman Dan-Rooney Dan Rooney, except for the nearest NHL Penguin, which is the recent NHL of the steel, has also joined the ranks of this great person.

Polian is: “He until the United States, each of the Afolders, each player and the advantages and weaknesses of the offensive group, because he and they have done them and understand them in the professional bowl. He is obsessed with football, I am also So. He is fully prepared to serve as the general manager. “

In the United States, the Mact Moore became the best offensive player of Matt Moore. He performs excellent performance in the game of dolphins 34-13. Instead of injuries, the Moore, who was the first of Ryan Tannehill, successfully obtained 236 yards and 4 times of career.

“I believe he can quickly fill the vacancy of the general manager like John Elvi fill the horseman position,” said Bill Polian, the general manager of the occupational bowl, said. “I said this is that in 14 years in the Indianapolis Pony, he often discussed the university players who participated in the draft. He has seen the Southeasle player, he has seen it in China. Players. He pays close attention to other players in the alliance, especially paying attention to the United States. “

Tennesi Titan players Ryan Succop becomes the best special team player of Mei Week. The reason why he awarded his award was to shoot 53 yards in the weather where the temperature was below zero, helped Titan 19-17 to defeat the Chief of Kansas City. Saxak is also hitting a free kicky door and a rendend to add a shot.

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