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“You’re trying to guide them. Although people may not think so, these outstanding performance players want to accept guidance,” Christensen said. “You want to let Peyton angry it? Then do not guide him. He wants to accept guidance. Until the end of his career, he wants to accept the guidance in the smallest details, from the center then kick-off, his rhythm, all these details, because he wants to be guiding the details. this is how you can still make progress in his first 18 seasons. “

– Michael Vick (Michael Vick) is the only single-season rushing the quarterback more than 1000 yards, 2006 season, he rushed down the 1039 yards in the Falcons. After winning Sunday rushed the ball 58 yards, maybe Wilson will become the first single-season NFL history four had 900 yards rushing quarterback. The other two were Bobby – Douglas (Bobby Douglas) (1972 season the Bears, 968 yards) and Randall – Cunningham (Randall Cunningham) (1990 season in Philadelphia, 942 yards)

For a lot of offensive tactics put forward opinions and fully in charge of offensive tactics it is still a difference, especially for a whole career to play in the same offensive system quarterback. There is no doubt that this will be a big challenge, but Christensen represent these great quarterbacks are willing to accept coaching.

This season, Bell is selected for professional bowl and is rated as a member of the best lineup of the Alliance. His ground rushing ability and ball capability becomes the most trusted offensive weapon of steel people. Bell himself also said that his greatest goal is to keep health. Bell, who is only 22 years old, believes that he is not good enough this season, he hopes to make progress in many aspects next season.

Seattle hoped that such records do not produce the best on Sunday, but as the best quarterback in NFL history to rush the ball on the performance, his season record to this and to the. Wilson this season with three games of 100 yards rushing the ball game, two games which created some records.

The fourth game, the bear team has three-speed attack in the 5 yards of the package, and has not reached the array. He has to obtain 4 points from the lead in 4 points. Then both sides will give up a round. In the game, after the game left, the package was once again got the ball, and Cheap jerseys Luo Je took a copy of the 3 consecutive over 10 yards. Fortunately, the package workers have retarded the lapse of time, and the defensive group also successfully rushed to Rogers. Rogers quickly led the entire offensive group to enter the 10 yard of the bear in 51 seconds left. But when there is 22 seconds left, the four-speed offense of the package was defeated by the bear team. At home, Brett’s gaze is regrettable. The score of the whole game is 17:13.

In the third game, the two sides have played a complete offensive round, although it is time consuming, there is no tree. In the package, the round of the package can get at least one free kick, but when the three-speed attack, the center of the center flew out and flew out, lost 14 yards, and the tapping of the player. . After three sections, the bear 14:13 is still leading the package.

In the second section, the Saint cannot choose a shot forward, but the player Lutz is missing this difficulty in this difficulty. Dachang Dolphins continued to advance with short biography and road attacks, but Carter was safe Wei Rafael-Bush, and helpless dolphins had to give up the place.

Steel man running guard: knees have been restored, look forward to next seasonThe injury of Run Vervie – Bell (veon Bell) may be the reason why Pittsburgh steel people were eliminated early. This week, in an interview, Bell said that his knees have been close to 100%. He is looking forward to working as soon as possible, and the team has achieved better results next season.

Bell said: “My knees are already very close to 100%, now there is at least 85% to 90%. I can start running, I believe I can re-invest in a short time.” The former Michigan State University The running guards proved that they have the most all-in -genated running guards in the alliance after Joining NFL. The team is looking forward to his return, as Bell said, they have the ability to get on the next level next season.

At the beginning of the second half, Peterson showed the rule in the first round of the Viking. The last three-speed attack in this wheel is completed by Piteson. This star running is not expensive, and it has been promoted three consecutive times to help Viking to complete the first time. In the third quarter, 5 minutes and 02 seconds, Viking people quad-Budi-Brigate is very popular after being shredded in the four-dimensional protection network, choose the left hand passed the ball to be packaged by the Hyde cut. Viking challenges the unregistered, and the attack and defense will be converted. The dramatic scene occurred in the offense of the package, Rogers were killed and chose to throw the ball forward, and they were returned to the back of the Weijing defender. The packageman protested the referee did not blow the game, but the referee returned to the recording, he thought that Rogers did not pass the ball, so it was determined that the attack was valid.

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