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Tiibo did not appear on the cheap nfl jerseys from china bench after the season in the season, until the last month came out of the news in the eagle trial. Kelly said this last month: “I have always been his fans, we have chosen a lot of people to trial, he is just the most concerned one.”

Trufte was cut by falcon, he was the first round show in 2013, which was selected in 2015. The injury is not small to him. Due to the forearm fracture last season, Tronte only went 9 games, but still completed 4 cases before this.

Terrans Mitchell is still a combination point of the other party offensive coordinator, and the Ai Aika will have to mention the players who have to mention. In Thursday night, there is a problem with the corner of Eric Murray and the security. Michelle, a single anti-Cooper, was easily pushed down to the ground and released the reaches. After this game, Michelle was a player who released the most code (615 yards, 5 reacted, The passenger rather who scored 99.6 when passing toward him, but this is not willing to go to the other side & mdash; & mdash; Marcus Peters is responsible for defensive direction & mdash; & mdash; Ball is related. After the Jared Cook completed the ball, Murray did not predict the direction of the ball, causing him to turn around and then locate the ball.

The lion will sign a contract with the corner Truste.US time on Wednesday, according to ESPN reporters, the lions will sign the DESMOND TRUFANT Trufant, and the contract salary is $ 21 million, including $ 14 million security.

Cossins was 33 times in the Red Leather team with 34-37 lost to the Eagle, 33 times, won 427 yards 3 times to score 1 time being copied, and a week ago Fenan appeared in the competition of the Asian Tiger team, twenty-three times success 22 times, won 250 yards and 2 times. His performance How to behave; & mdash; He is currently ranked in the Football Square website after Matt Ryan, PEYTON MANING and Drew Brees (Football Outsiders) ) Quadruplicate efficiency ranked fourth.

Cossone: Griffin II is still the core of the Red Leather TeamThe four-dimensional Kirk Cousins ​​of the Washington Red Leather is three years ago, as a substitute for Robert Griffin III, although on Sundays The old Eagle played a stable, but he still insisted that Griffin II was returning to the recovery of the ankle injury after six to eight weeks later, still the core of the team.

Le & Rsquo; Veon Bell and Antonio Brown are still offensive groups, but this victory in Sunday has less than the credit of the defensive group. Bell’s 35-time mushroom made a defensive group to rest more about a while, and the defensive coordinator Kes Butler was worthy of praise. After 14 minutes in the first half, the steel man defensive found the way to limit the tiger attack, and the half-season adjustment was effective. William Gay and Joe-Haden have once again. Bud Dupree’s pressure applied to the tiger quadrant Di Di-Dalton is also non-small.

However, the results of Cousins ​​are not very surprising. Retrosing to 2011, now the team owner, Jay Gruden, Jay Gruden, Jay Grudin, Jay Grudin, Jay Gruda, is the opportunity to win Colin-Katnik in the second round. Kaepernick, however, he chose Andy Dalton (Capenik then taken away by 49 people). Dalton led the team to break into the playoffs for three consecutive years and continued for six hundreds of millions of dollars in six years before starting the season. On the quartz type, Coss and Daltons belong to the pockets of the pockets, while Griffin II and Capenke belong to the mobile quarterfield. The success of Grunetton’s Dalden is more confident that Cossonus Bigrifen will be more suitable for Groad’s offensive system. Furthermore, Groad is now open to the Texas in the Texas in the first week.

Tuesday in the “Washington Times” interviewed: “I said that Griffin II is the core of the team, but does not mean that I have no right to do what to do in the team to make sure we have achieved victory. I still firmly believe that Griffin II is the core of the Red Leather. This is the reason why he is selected as a list. He has achieved a lot of success here, and has done a lot of things for the team. My essential work is a substitute quarter Wei, my mission is to fulfill the four-point guardian role, I hope to bring the team to a good rankings so that you can consolidate this achievement in him. Of course, I don’t have the ability to be able to When he came back, he still continued to play, but as a substitute, I hope to do a good job of the four-point guard. “

Saint won again. However, on Sunday, the Green Bay is not a smooth sailing, Drew Brees passes two copies, so that the package will have the opportunity to bite the score. Some people have to say: the four points of the package of this game, Brett Hundley, career, the first time! But the excellent pavement performance of Dennis Allen is not ahead. The four-game winning and defensive groups of New Orleans Saints are inseparable.

Before this, the saints were only winning two victories in the wrapper home: 2006 Brisched once, it was 1971. The winning hero is a rookie and the second year of hanging boots, the second year of hanging boots. Bart Starr.

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