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Smith has only absent two regular seasons since six years, and the health conditions are good. Last year, the last four games and in the playoffs, Smith only allowed the opponent to kill once and achieve sufficient protection.

Both contracts will help the sea to make a salary space to build a better lineup around Braddy. Smith’s original contract will allow him to occupy a salary space of $ 14.25 million in the 2021 season, and the new contract can reduce the salary space to approximately $ 30.8 million. The contract will also include invalid year to share the salary space.

Su Yaji is also one of the defensive groups, and the regular season has completed 6 kills, once forced the ball, 44 times. In the super bowl, Su Jun was treated with Patrick Mahomes, and he also completed 1.5 killed.

If the crow is skewer, then this means that the first 49 people quadrant finally found the work after the long unemployment period. Prior to this, each free player four-point guard will make people ask a question: Cape Nick still unattended because he proves the protests when playing national anthem?

On Wednesday, US Times reported that the pirates will be with the offense of Donovan – Smith (Donovan Smith) for 2 years, the contract salary is $ 31.8 million, of which 30 million is guaranteed. Defensive Diamada-Soviet (NDAMUKONG SUH) will also re-sign a year, salary of 10 million US dollars.

Of course, there is no indication that the Barkeli will absence the team event in the remaining season. At present, his head and other priorities are restored to health. In the game against the Chicago Bear, Barkeley’s knees were torn, while the half-month board was partially torn.

He completed 44 battles last season, completed 52 battles in the 2015 season. Next season, there is an outer Tiez Bryant, close-end Switten, Tie Koles, Cole Beasley, and Ryan Sventitz (RYAN) Switzer, there is also a way to run Wei Yijir-Elliott, Wholesale Nfl Jerseys Williams’s catching opportunities will probably not too much.

“I think there is only time to prove that” the steel man runs James Conner “Monday. “I think maybe we have become more tight because you have experienced everything. In the course period, it is very interesting. It’s very exciting, and the teammate is very excited. Interactive and relationship. It is great to be great. Our team is very excited. “We are very excited for the future.”

Ryan Mallett is the quarterfield of the team No. 2, and he is expected to train in most training and starting lineup. Malat is expected to be the first quarter of the Houston Texas, but he quickly lost his pet and was cut by Texas. He still has a strong arm force and said he has learned from the incorrect mistake, but he didn’t get much opportunity after that.

The four-point guard of this Washington red skin was announced to everyone in the US time on Thursday evening, and he announced that he and his wife had a beautiful female baby. “Reji Anne-Griffin is coming today! 7 pounds , Thanks to everything. “

“This has no money.” Williams said, “I have the opportunity to make a lot of money, but the people are people. Those friends in the locker room, there is also a game to guide my coaches. These are more money More important. “

John Harbaugh, Hubble (John Harbaugh) acknowledged that they had considered the possibility of checking quadrotae Kaepernicks. Hubble said he and your brother, once as a 49-year-old coach of San Francisco, Jim Hubbles, many times, many times.

Terence Williams does not regret pay salary in cowboyTerrence Williams has become a free player on March 9 this year, and he can sign a contract with other teams. But he decided to leave the salary in Dallas Cowboy.

“As long as we can let him here, we absolutely hope that he is here,” said Joe Judge, Joe Judge. “He was selected as the captain as the captain. He is an essential part of this team …. He is a very active person, he is a very team-prior person. He is currently in adversity Here, he will work as much as possible. I can have a confidence in confidence. I am very urgent to see him all because I know how actively prepared … However, we must want Sayui is more than the team event as much as possible. According to his schedule, he is a part of this team. He is a part of this team, we want him as possible as possible and us Stay together. “

In the future, it will include the outside world that is constantly compared to Brown and Bell’s steel people will express how and not in Brown and Bell in the steel man. Steelman players don’t care now.

“We have been very respectful for them,” Cona said. “They are our front teammates. They are very good people, and they are also a great player. Worried that they will do their best in our team. We hope that they can have a good performance and wish them all well, But this doesn’t help us. Everything has passed. “

Under the limitations of epidemic prevention, the injured players may be difficult to stay in the field and the team in the game, and may even be difficult to enter the team base. But the giant knows that it is very important to let Barkley participate in the team event as much as possible.

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