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And Rogers is excited about the upcoming elected Favre Packers Hall of Fame, he said Packers fans once again fall in love with Favre, just like the original, like when Favre as the Packers starting quarterback in the NFL official website of the program. Rogers said that when Favre was selected Packers Hall of Fame this weekend, he’ll get a warm welcome. “I hope he will be welcomed deserve. I’m sure he will,” Rogers said.

Rogers also said he has personally enthusiastic attitude toward Favre, he thought a quarterback Favre taught him how to lead the team. Maybe sometimes Rogers once and for Favre Packers fans have nothing good impression, but the moment had passed.

Xiao Ma worries the shoulder situation of AndrruAndrew Luck will become non-limited free players after the 2016 season, but the general manager of Indiana Poli Pima, Jim Irsay, countless, the team will give this 26-year-old Young quartzwood a big contract, then is it because of the progress of this is affected by the shoulder injury?

Rogers: Packers fans once again fall in love with FavreThe last time Brett – Favre (Brett Favre) when playing in Green Bay, he was the Minnesota Vikings quarterback, but also by the Packers entertain the fans booed when his fate. But times have changed.

Raiders quarterback Derek – Carl (Derek Carr) came 315 yards, 2 touchdowns, Auckland 35-32 victory over the Carolina Panthers. Carl outstanding performance in winning in advance to let kicker Sebastian – Jani Koski (Sebastian Janikowski) had scored 23 yards chance of winning kick. Since 2015, he has led nine fourth quarter / winning propulsion during acceleration, NFL second multi (Matthew – Stafford, 10).

But in the news, some people showed that in the 2015 season, the death of the Tuke’s passage was not affected. It was apparent that Ker’s report was unenruily. After that, he suffered a kidney injury and the injury of ribs was a key issue. It is reported that these should be serious than before the shoulders, so in fact the pony is more concerned about Rak’s kidneys and ribs.

US Time Wednesday, Jesoncole, reported that Pony needs long-term observations for Rak’s shoulders, Rak’s shoulder injury is the key reason for him to absent 9 games last season. It is reported that the team will be in January this year. Ruck sent to professional institutional testing and completed repair surgery.

In last year’s Cheap Nfl jerseys from china awards ceremony, the current starting quarterback Favre and the Packers Aaron – Rogers (Aaron Rodgers) appear together. Favre admitted recently broke up with the Packers in the process he is at fault and look forward to Rogers broke his own record of discipline.

The jet application is interview with the Holy Polic ProbeBeijing May 30th, the New York jet is still searching for the general manager candidate, this time they target the target of the United States.

Fang Tainnot has worked in the Saint Work 17 years, with the general manager Mickey Lubis, Assistant General Manager and University Scout Jeff – Ireland (Jeffe Ireland) and the head coach Sean-Pedon Sean payton, together, cast a big list of Saints.

The 2017 season is the fifth year of Trufan’s special show. He is the first round show of the 2013 hound, and the original salary is 8.26 million US dollars. But the falcon attaches great importance to him, so selects a priority coordination contract.

According to media reports, the new contract with Desmon Trufant is 69 million US dollars, including 4.2 million US dollars. It is very close to Josh Norman and the Washington Red Leather Signed by $ 75 million, a contract of 50 million US dollars.

That is my history: outside Kansas City Chiefs took over Tyreke – Hill (Tyreek Hill) in three different positions to complete three touchdowns & mdash; & mdash; 3 yards rushing, three yards the ball and 86-yard kickoff returner . Chiefs beat the Denver Broncos 30-27 overtime.

Arizona Cardinals took over the outside – Larry Fitzgerald (Larry Fitzgerald) team 19-38 in miserable negative Atlanta Falcons game four times to complete the catch. Fitzgerald’s career completion of the total number of times the ball came to 1096, surpassing Hall of Famer Tim Brown – (Tim Brown) (1094) became the fifth NFL history.

Hill is from Hall of Famer Gail – first made red ball touchdowns in the same game since Sayers (Gale Sayers), touchdowns and kickoff return touchdowns players. Sayers accomplish this feat in 1965, 10.17.

New York Giants quarterback Eli – Manning (Eli Manning) came against Brown’s victory in the 194 yards, 3 touchdowns, the final score 27-13. Electrolux now has 47,089 yards passing, surpassing Hall of Famer Fran – Taken Dayton (47,003) ranked eighth in history.

2016 regular season record of 12 weeksEnd of the game: As of week 12, there are 135 hours of game the fourth quarter only 6 points difference. Of course, the most in NFL history came 12 weeks sessions. Detroit Lions, New York Giants, Washington Redskins these three teams this season, all games are presented such a situation.

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