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After the traditional face to face communication is not possible, NFL teams use video calls to know the candidate players. Team coaches and management uses these “meetings” test players knowledge of tactics and additional information. Although the visiting team players can not result in unacceptable physical examination, video meetings so that at least the team and the players have the opportunity to communicate.

Lin En’s contract was originally expired after the 2020 season. Although not lack of talent and hopes last season, the lightning finally achieved 5-11 records, which was disappointed with the 2018 season 12-4. This is also the first regular season of Lynn, and under him lead, the total score of lightning is 26-22.

Kynam last year, Save two years of contract with wild horses last year, but because the wild horses will receive Joe Flacco from the crow, the existence of Kinarm has become possible. Prior to Karnam has also been effective for Viking, Texas and the ram.

After retaining Lin En, there are still many decisions to do. The stay in the four-point Gelip Rivers is the primary problem, running Wendo Gordon, near Hunter Henry, defensive defender Adrian – Contracts of the Adrian Phillips and others cannot be ignored.

Lightning and head coach Anthony – Lin EnUS Tuesday, according to NFL NetWork reporters, lightning has reached a contract with the main coach Anthony-Lynnn to renew the details, and Lynn’s contract is added another year.

Although some fans may have a better record of the team to be squeezed out of the playoffs for eagle or cowboy, the team is squeezed out of the playoffs, the alliance does not seem to be ready to discuss this topic. On Wednesday, when I was asked in the boss conference, I was discussed to rearrange the seed team, and Roger Goodell, the general rearily rejected this idea.

Wild Horse coalker: I hope that NFL will give up the partition systemEvery few years will have a team to win the partition champion in less than beautiful record, and at the same time, there will be a better team that has had a better performance of the playoffs. Whenever this happens, we will hear the voice of the reform.

NFL television reporter Ian – Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported on Monday that Herbert will make a video call with Las Vegas the day of the raid, and he has been talking with the Los Angeles Lightning video.

The wild horse offensive front line has not been able to open a road for the running guards. It is an important reason. The three weeks of competition, the whole offensive frontline is only the ground cover assessment of Orlando – Franklin (Orlando Franklin) is divided, and the right cut Chris Clark (Chris CLARK) is more stateless, his ground cover evaluation is ranked third in all alliances all. The team’s replacement near-end Harver Virgil Green is a good +3.3 opening score, but he is only the team’s approach, and the three games will only participate in the 39-way ground attack. Didn’t reach half of all running frames.

Since the alliance has a 32 team, it is in the 2002 Houston Texas to join the alliance. My ideal suggestion is & mdash; & mdash; this idea has never been given to any important people to mention & mdash; & mdash; I don’t think there should be partitioned “Fang Ji said on Wednesday. “I think you have 16 teams in two federations. Each team should play a game with the Federation team. That is 15 games. Then if you want the 16th game, then you Faced with another federation, and your origin is deeply deeper & mdash; & mdash; New York Jet is facing New York Giants every year. Philadelphia Eagle pair of straightezburg steel people, Texas people have a dowrer in the year. Then stay writes in the official blog 16 games, but you will avoid this year that there may be an 8-win 8-winning team in the main stage to face 12 wins and 4 negative teams. “

Red leather will be obtained by trading four points to Kitin KarnamBeijing March 8 hearing on Thursday US time, according to NFL Network reporter Ian – Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that the Broncos and Redskins have agreed on details of the transaction. Redskins quarterback Keith will get – Jina Mu (Case Keenum) and a seven signed, the Broncos signed a six will get.

The order is too rare in NFL, so that some players don’t know how to have a flat. In 2008, Cincinnati Tiger and Philadelphia Eagle became 13-13 flat, before the eagle 4 points Dono Wan – McNabb, claimed that he didn’t know the game!

“The best 6 teams per federation enters the playoffs,” Fang Ji said. “The partitioning system has been unstable. In some years, some partitions are very relaxed, and some partitions have a lot of excellent teams, and then the situation will occur every two years.”

This year’s situation is particularly attractive, because it is once a decline in Guandong District, the most powerful partitioned partition. The four teams of the partition currently have a total record of 17 wins and 35 losses. The front two team Dallas denim and Philadelphia eagle were 6 wins and 7 losses. So this year, the performance of the Champions in the United States and the United States is also 9 wins and 7 losses.

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