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Points in the competition:In Sunday, the black panther’s hoppy will be greater. The steel man should pay attention to the control of the mistake, and the foul question of the second-line defense, facing the Black Leopard’s defensive frontline Greg Hardy, Charles Hardy, the steel man offensive front line can stand huge Pressure, whether the ability is regression, passing a good ball, whether Bell is still stably, escaped from the long distance of the inspirational gas. And revealed that the black leopard, Newton in the face of steel people’s weaknesses and Allen, Cortez Allen, and the Benjamin’s connection can be used to perform the long code. One of the points.

Steelman VS Leopa Preview: Main injured newcomersBeijing, 2014, on September 22, 2014, 8:30 am, Calairo’s Black Panther Welcome Pittsburgh Steel Man. The two teams have happened in the preseason before the two teams.

Hawks 4-point Wellweldon finalize the contract to win the highest payOn April 16, on April 15th, the Seattle Hawk waltson and the team’s negotiations continued until the last minute of the Russell Wilson and the team’s negotiations.

Children in small towns, to go to the metropolis. I am from St. Matthews in South Carolina, living in the town, paying about 2,000 households, only two intersections with traffic lights, a Hadis, a store, a place to eat Chinese There are also several gas stations, just this. This is where I grow, I love it.

Patriot four points Guii Mi-Carobo shoulder lock joint sprainNew England Patriots 4-point Gui-Garoppolo) In the second section of the Mai Mai Dolphin, I was hit by the dolphin player, so that he left in advance. .

Taylor is the first round show in 2011, his career is very good, but in 2014, 11 games were absent, all two seasons were injured in knees injury. He is impressive in Hongling Training Camp this summer, and is expected to become one of the regression superstars.

Red Philler – Taylor Table Antiomasia Season Reselection According to ESPN reporters, the red tetlor, who suffered four-headed muscular, and the pre-defending, Taylor, will be reimbursed in the season. Jay Gruden (Jay Gruden) said that Taylor will receive a nuclear magnetic resonance imaging scan on Monday.

This year, the third round of the third round of the selected quarter-BRICoby Brissett is replaced by Garobo Pubo. He has completed 92 yards 9 times, and there is no passing of the ball. He got a praise of teammates and coaches.

In this game, Garobo is hot in this game, and the team is governed in the three-wave attack in the patriot, so that the team is 21-0. He successfully obtained 234 yards 3 times in the first 27 passes before the injury.

The team’s emergency four-point guard may be an external Julian, Julian EDELMAN, he served as a four-point guard during the Kent State University, and after joining the patriot in 2009, he changed his hand.

Now before you officially draw, you are likely to get such a message from multiple teams. I don’t know if they do this, try to test you, test you, or take a normal process. It is definitely in the beginning of the beginning, but once you promise you, you will get more & mdash; & mdash; just like me & mdash; & mdash; your reaction may become, “Well”, “Good”, “I understood”.

Now, Smith is finally coming to the end of Washington. At the age of 36, he seems to still be able to dedicate this and have proven this when starting. Last season, leg injuries that have nothing to do with the past have caused him to play in the playoffs. However, when healthy, Smith can at least stabilize the offensive group, and at least some teams in the alliance need him.

After Braddy was punished, the patriot was a hot topic at the beginning of the four-guard position. The patriot did not signed the fourth-point guard in the training camp, nor did it signed four-point guard at the training group.

However, in recent recently, Smith said that he had surprisingly returned “definitely disrupted” Washington team for the position of quadrants. Although he proves that he is the most appropriate option in this location, when the new coaching group and management decides to turn the team to the new direction, Smith’s days may have succeeded.

ESPN reporter Adam-Xie Ford reported that this contract was 4 years, which was $ 140 million, including $ 65 million of signing bonuses. nfl Jerseys TV reporter Ian Rapoport reported that the contract guarantee income was $ 10.7 million according to the insider news, and it also included the trading clause. This contract makes Wilson become the highest salary player.

Steel man: There are too many mistakes. In the second week of lost to the crow, the offensive end appeared three mistakes, twice, the ball, a copy, and finally buryed the game. In terms of running, Bell (Le & # 39; veon Bell) The first two performances are amazing, in the face of the Black Leopard, Bell is still the main weapon of steel people, the first two games have 20 yards Left and right long distance performance. Ball, the state of Ben Roethlisberger is critical, and the first two games have a copy, and only once, there is still a turn, there is no way to say that it is weak with the front line. There is no relationship, two cuts, the first two years before the third grade of the left, Kelvin Beachum has been asked to take all positions in the air, and the sixth week of last year is to lock the left cuts, the right cuta Bud (Marcus Gilbert), the second round of 2011 is not worried. There is also a deep problem, although the number of Antonio Brown (Atonio Brown) is convincing, no matter how much the number of codes is reached, it is convincing, but the steel man lost two experienced external connections during the offset season. Emmanuel Sanders and Catchal, this two groups contributed 28 pass to Dagua in sixteen games. Replace their sophomore Marcus show three – Heaton (Markus Wheaton), he and Brown can perform better game needed to validate.

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