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Viking did not let Peterson play against New England patriots, but the team later announced that the 29-year-old player re-acquires the prequet qualification and can fully participate in training. He is expected to play in the third week of the game of New Orleans. In a statement published on Monday, he wrote, “I never want to hurt my son. If I go to court, I will say the same.”

Jeffrey said that he felt good, but the training and competition had a big difference. Trestman believes that the team needs some adjustments to the lineup, after all, another external Josh Morgan, NMM, is not certain. Currently, the only one who determines that the external connections that can play only Santonio Holmes is one. At the same time, the team has lost 2 offensive front line players: Matt Slauson and Roberto Garza. The bears are currently not adding, and the team must find a way to spend the crisis.

The bear injury is struggling, and the double gun is suspected.Even in the best case, Chicago bear will be extremely difficult to challenge the 49 people in San Francisco on weekends. However, now, the team’s condition is not optimistic. Brandon Marshall, because of an ankle injury, landscaping the team training for 3 consecutive days. His teammates, Alston Jeffery, who is the external hand, is only a small part of the training. Two stars have been listed as “doubts” by the team in the team injury list, but the coach Malco Trestman is extremely unauthentication to Marshall: “He can only go now. Going, the best situation is just jogging. “

After last week’s defeat, coach Todd – Bowles (Todd Bowles) emphasis, defense group lacks the ability to cause the ball to convert. But the defense did not allow rival group touchdowns, but the quarterback Da Nuode came four steals. After the fiasco this week, the Jets will usher bye, whether led four straight Bowers coach can continue to maintain the title of the issue, estimated to have been discussed on the agenda of management mention.

The emirate fans are expected to come. Not Patrick Mahomes’s five pass reaches, not Tyreek Hill, completed juggling, or even Tel Avis Kelce dominated Midfielder. The chief fans want to see the defensive performance worthy of boast. Although the emirate number is also released, the score is the most important. (Although the most commonly referenced defensive data is also the number of codes that are propelled by each other). In fact, this is very simple: manufacturing five ball translations, then you must have a general victory. Although the three defensive efficiency of the chief is good, considering the possibility of leg injury, it is no longer there.

The Office of Prosecutor’s Office of Texas is confirmed by the cheap nfl jerseys official website. The Minnesota Viking Star Runwaving has been accused of reckless or negligent led to child injury & mdash; & mdash; his 4-year-old son & mdash; & mdash; The date of appearance has been pushed to 9 am in the middle of the United States. The message will be held in the ninth regional court. Peterson was accused of this crime on Friday, if it was convicted, he will face a maximum of 2 years a fine of $ 10,000. He flew to Texas on Saturday morning to the Office of the Office of the Malley County, and was released after paying $ 15,000 bail.

Red Leather Leadau Batho Torn Different Torn There are a number of consecutive places in a game. It is definitely encountered for Deangelo Hall, but multiple ligament tears in a season is the first time.

This Washington Red Leather Headwood torn the ligament in the third week of this season and completed the operation. According to ESPN first, he once again torn the ligament again and prepared for surgery again.

The recovery cycle should not affect his training camp next summer, if he is still in the list of Hongfang at that time. Howard’s contract is 2017, but if the red skin team will cut off the red squid before the next season, he will take a salary space of $ 23.75 million. Bashaud Breeland has shown the time of Haoreli to replace Haol’s position, including Monday’s game on the Dallas Denim.

Bill played the game is also very aggressive, former quarterback, now tight end Logan – Thomas (Logan Thomas) in a false abandoned and Foster kicked a successful connection, the first attack to complete the conversion. Buckley also several attempts to pass far-reaching.

The excellent performance of Graham Gano allowed him to don’t have wine at the party, and Lin Saiy graham should ask him to drink. Anyway, this is an important free kick in the history of NFL. Although it is not 64 yards in the history of Matt Prater, but the 63-yard of Tom Dempsey, the 63 yards of Tom Dempsey, Cagno’s rack The team won the game directly. If this is not this, the second-line defense of the black panther is guilty, because it allows Russell Shepard to win the key to the giant. In addition, I am very happy to see Eric REID back to the stadium. He is a reliable security guard from entering the alliance in 2013. Welcome back.

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