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Simon also added that he would rather face the fiasco and didn’t want to see the team in the last moment. He said: “Our audience takes the initiative, there is no reason to lose 10 opportunities, 10 opportunities to grasp 10 opportunities You can end it once again. We are obviously a better team, and the performance is better, but it is too uncomfortable. “

Piteson said: “Viking will not let me catch the ball, but this is very fun for me, I started playing American football at the age of 7, many people say that I can’t catch the ball, but I started playing at the age of 7 How can I not catch a ball. “

Xi Don said: “The duck that has already arrived, it is difficult to let go of anyone. Especially in the national conference finals, you will feel that the efforts have been in the past for more than half a year, we advance to this step What is the meaning? Is there any essential difference between the game? To tell your truth, I don’t think it is better to enter the playoffs, so the level of disappointment is small. “

Robinson’s first week in the first week of the season, Http:// the tribute to tear, so that the America tiger loses it to take over, which has been plagued them in the season. There will be only 8 unscrupulous players in the team inevitably want to do every way to leave him.

In fact, when Viking’s quadrant is Brett Favre, Peterson is relatively better at 2009 and 2010, and he completed 43 battles in the 2009 season, 2010 He completed 36 battles. These two seasons are also his only two seasons. The number of balls have exceeded 300 yards.

According to Green Bay local media reports, the package will hold a grand celebration ceremony on August 11th to celebrate the century of the team, including the hooded seeds of the Maibao Stadium in the free distribution.

Packaging work star striker, failure: it is better to defeatIn the national contest ended yesterday, the entire Green Bay packaging workers encountered “black three minutes” in the final stage of the game, and killed by the sea eagle in the overtime game, dramatic will let the superb bowl tickets. Such a global method also allows the packaging workers to be unacceptable, the team’s trump four-point Wei Alon Rogers is frustrated after the game, “The better team can not win.”, And the squad Feng Yish Sitton then sent a claim to be disappointed, saying that such a lobby is not as come up in the playoffs.

Celebrating the Centennial Centennial Package will distribute home grass seeds to fansBeijing July 16th, Many Green Bay packaging fans have expressed their support for the team through a cheese-shaped headdress. Now they have the opportunity to collect another thing to prove their packaging fans identity.

In recent recent interviews, Portson said that he didn’t worry about his own ball, he said that he lacked the ball ability. This thing is entirely because of the Most of his task is the error interpretation of his mission when the Minnesota Wei is. .

Robinson completed 80 battles in 2015, got 1400 yards and 14 reaches. Although the data decreased last season, it was still completed 73 battles, and the 883 yards were promoted and 6 reached. No matter whether the America will continue to use Blake Bortles as a quarter-off, the other players will be a necessary hospital.

Tigers expect new lineups to change the weakness of last year. The team in the last season killed Wang Karl Lawson (5.5) has been signed with the jet. Hubbard completed only 2 sacks last year, but also because of the elbow injury missed three games.

Peterson said: I am a very good ball.Beijing June 14th, the most famous transaction in this session is obviously Adrian Peterson to the New Orleans Saints. We don’t know if he is a running guard who is good at catching the ball. So will he be willing to run the ball of Drew Brees?

Hubbard’s new four-year contract, $ 40 million payroll. As a three-round show in 2018, Haber’s rookie contract is about to enter the last year. In the three seasons, Habad becomes one of the tigerheads of the Tiger Tieard by Excellence. He has a total of 44 games in his career, and is a major tiger starting member in the past two years.

However, according to NFL NetWork reporter Tom Pelissero reported that Cook expects to continue to miss the competition due to the injury injury, he has been absent from three consecutive games. Viking’s plan is not an urgent, slowly let Cook restore health.

Hubbard played defensive end and linebacker, completed a total of 177 tackles, 16.5 sacks. In 2021, the Tiger was selected by the three-wheeled and four-wheeled defenders. Joseph Ossai, Cameron Sample and Tayler Shelvin, brought new to Habad teammate.

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