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Both the bear management and players congratulate Fox. Recently, due to the wild horses, in the semi-final, Fox is in the get out of class. His top priority is to lead the team to get out of the partition bottom.

As a 2013 year, Jefferson’s career is the proliferation of the patrue, and it has also played its price in Arizona. In the seven years of career, Jefferson completed a total of 450 times, 4 copies, 22 times destroyed.

US time, NFL officially announced that the crow and steel people will be changed to the Eastern Tuesday afternoon (China Time 9:00). Accordingly, the cowboy and the crow have been changed to 15 pm on Monday.

Saints will defensive disappearance to mention the big listAccording to the official report of the United States, the saints will defensive David Parry from the training lineup to the big list, and re-sign the defensive end-Arm Dalier Tap (Darryl TAPP). They have previously put the high-level ankle sprained defensive cut-off-mitchell loewen in the injury reserve list.

In February 2020, Jefferson was cut off by the crow until the team favored today. He signed a 4-year contract with a crow in 2017, including $ 19 million security. However, his performance is difficult to satisfy: Jefferson is unable to continue high-strength defense, and finally completed only 2 copies in 35 games, forcing the ball twice, 11 times destroyed.

49 people and old will safely signed a contractUS Time Monday, 49 people announced that with the old Tony Jefferson, a year contract. In order to make a big list space, the corner Wean Baddy-Calhoun is sicking.

25-year-old Parry is a small horse in 2015, and in September this year, he was given up by Xiao Ma, then joined the Saint Training lineup. In the past two seasons, he gave a total of 78 cockroaches and 4 killing.

Wild horse front coach Fox into the main cityAfter several weeks of screening and interview, the Chicago Bear Team announced that John Fox was hired as a team new coach. Fox is the third head coach in the past four years.

The Fox of the 60-year-old birthday is the team’s 15th coach. There are 13 seasons in the cheap Nfl jerseys coaching career (black panther 02-10, wild horses 11-14), the record is 119 wins and 89 negatives, 6 won the partition champion, a total of 7 times to enter the playoffs (total 8 wins and 7 losses), 2 times into the super bowl, is one of the 6-bit rates of different teams entering the super bowl in history.

Tap was completed 17 times in Saint, 0.5 kills and 9 quarter-shot impact on Saint. I entered the big list in the season, but I was cut after the first week. Since 12 seasons, 33-year-old Tapu has been turned into five teams.

This is the third time, the third time I have held a game on Tuesday night. In the fifth week of this season, Bill and Titan’s competition were once changed from Tennessee’s epidemic. In the 2010 season, the Blizzard in Philadelphia once led to the Eagle and Viking’s game to be held on Tuesday.

Crows and steel people are mainly held at Thanksgiving Evening, but after the multi-player detects positive and delayed. At least 12 players have now detected positive, including last year’s regular mvppar-Jackson (Lamar Jackson). The four-point guards, Robert, Griffin III, will play a debut of the crow.

Seattle Hawks run Damamas Rawls not afraidBeijing June 11th THOMAS RAWLS, the Seattle Hawks have the opportunity to become a successful successor, but he has not yet showed that he has become the main force. The persistent commencement of running guards. Results The Eagle signed the EDDIE LACY in this year, they will get the appearance time of the game day through competition.

“If you can put three players in the depth list of lineup, I will see three players as Thomas Rawls, Thomas Rawns and Thomas Rawls,” Rawls said. “I have been competing with myself. I think the whole team has a competitive mentality. We think that as long as people stay competitive, they will eventually be competent, they will eventually succeed.”

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