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In the 2016 season, with the help of the solid offensive front line, Johnson only won the 121 yards to get the ball. In addition, the new offense coordinator Mike McCoy is used in the system, Johnson also needs to adapt to this new method.

Brown master coach: people who don’t respect lyingNew England patriots’ “ventilation event” is still fermented, and Tom Brady is also frequently associated with this. On Friday, Cleveland Brango, Mike Pettine, published its own views on this matter and Braddy.

The current alliance has announced the investigation report on this matter, but did not take the next step of penalty measures. The patriot is dissatisfied with this report, but it also said that it will not take further boycover. Bremen and Bishop Bill Bill Belich have no positive response results. In the report, the Alliance pointed out that Braddy’s possibility of participating in this matter is greater than the possibility of “not participating”. As an event, Indianapolis horses expressed only to the team itself.

Brit in 2009 was selected by Tenna West Titan in the first round, after the first 16 games, he participated in 15 games last season, with his performance, he could become an important fire power of the team attack.

Red-skinned Bavrande will absent the training camp due to injuriesAccording to NFL’s famous media, Ian Rapoport, Washington Red-Lee 2nd Corner Washing Bashaud BREELAND will absence the remaining training camp due to lack of ligament in the knee. Previous Billand has violated the drug abuse policy of the NFL Alliance because of holding marijuana, the penalty of the ban on the ban.

Lobport explained that Johnson has also obtained more recovery and training time due to injuries in the first week of the season. In the fourth year of your career, Johnson hopes that you can complete the Marshall Faulk with the first 49-person star Roger Craig, Marshall Faulk, and Chuck thousands of items.

Tony Romo: I should be better to play.Only one week, Dallas Cowbi 4-point Donni Romo fell from the sky. In the twelfth week, I came out of the New York Giants, I sent four remembals and got the opponent in the last moment, and I went to the thirteenth week of Thanksgiving, Romo did not pass the ball. Two have been copied twice, and more importantly, the Philadelphus eagle opened a gap between the game and was in a disadvantage.

Philadelphia Eagle has recently disclosed that in the free market, they have been looking for an experienced plus, they express their interest in Britt, and the eagle’s external handcake is Mike Groh, the Los Angeles ram last season.

Bridide’s rookie race has fluctuated, from time to time, it will show an amazing manufacturing and anti-transformation capability, but it is often in struggling. He first issued 15 games last season, contributing 66 hugs and twice to make the ball. Bridel was originally struggled to compete with Deangelo Hall from the injury, and the red skin hoped that this young corner can have a quality in his career. Improve, to make up for the red-skinned defensive second line.

Last season, I ruled out the worse four-dimensional performance of the ram. The 28-year-old Brit completed the new high of the career. 68 batts pushed 1002 yards and 5 reached, this is also his personal 9-year-old career for the first time A thousand yards.

Red Rhun runs Johnson’s goal of picking up the ballSteve Wilks, the successor of Bruce Arians, is determined to strengthen the ground attack of the red row. As a new coach, he plans to let the All-Star Run David – Johnson (David Johnson) will bear the retreat, which also gave Johnson to choose the opportunity to play players in Dongshan.

Pony and the outer hand T.Y. Hilton signed a year contract US time is reported on Wednesday, according to ESPN reporters, the outer hand T. Y Hilton will sign a year with the pony, salary of 10 million US dollars, including 8 million US dollars.

The status difference is so big, so that Romo is also very depressed. He said in an interview with the “Dallas’ Comments”: “We went back to the competition video, we can’t get good, no good, block The cover is also unsatisfactory, whether it is passing the ball attack or ground, the ground is very difficult. Our opponent is very powerful, but he has to do better. “

The Perth is recognized by Braddy, and it is also a pity in this incident: “He is one of the greatest quarters in history, but it is really a pity that it is true. I have always respectd him. But you must say is that I don’t respect the people lying. “

Denim boss Jones Jones feel dissatisfied with the schedule, after all, they have just finished a bad battle on Sunday, they will face the strong co-district, and physical strength does not dominate. Jones said in an interview: “We don’t have time to rest, no time to prepare the game with the eagle.”

Although most of the first steps take over, Hilton has declined in the position of the offensive group over the past two years. In the 2020 season, Hilton took a total of 762 yards to complete 5 times. He only completed 29 batches in the first 10 games, Wholesale Jerseys but completed 27 battles in the last six games.

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