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Parker missed some of the four seasons in the University of Louisville after need to receive foot surgery. According to the Lobport message, the operation of Friday is to remove the steel nails that have been opened last year. The decision to undergo surgery is Parker, his broker, his family and dolphins made together. According to Miami local media reports, this surgery is preventive nature. If it is a regular season, he can return to the competition this week.

Sea Eagle Safety Wei Jiamar – Adams: Willing to go to Tang Hua, CorroreMost people will feel that Seattle Hawks Safety Jaimal-Adams has achieved success in the fourth season of his career. However, like most of his horizontal players, Adams believes that they have not reached the peak.

The big event of the break this year’s break is to ensure that Mahumus can stay for a long time. Although the team chairman Clark Hun has adopted that the chief can wait for the renewal of renewal again, the most likely to get a high-tech contract before the start of the 2020 season.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that Parker has accepted a successful foot surgery on Friday. He is expected to be able to get ready to participate in the game against Washington. The team then confirmed this news.

The 38-year-old Pites returned to the eagle with a 2-year 3 million US dollars this year, replaced the career bowl Brown Brooks (Brandon Brooks) Brandon Brooks due to the reimbursement of the Lesson tendon season.

Davis completed the top 6 battles in the team, and he only completed 2 batches in two games. Davis said he has made a tacit understanding from Osville from the first training of the wild horse. “Sometimes it takes a while to maintain the same rhythm and build a tacit understanding with him,” Davis said. “But with this guy, it seems that we have a tacit understanding cheap jerseys From China the first day.”

The next question is that the chief and the Mahkus are willing to make a player take a salary space? Chiefs still have to work hard to defensive cut Chris Jones, and Travis Kelce These players should also get salary. Mahms knows that he cannot win, and he is only 24 years old, he will earn a lot of money in his career. If Mahms choose the highest salary that does not fight for what you can get, it will not be surprised.

In the rest of the dolphins, Parkes show a wide range of balls, good ball skills and willingness to chase each pass. In the future of the offensive coordinator Bill Lazor, he and the second grade outside Jarvis Landry have been coveted for a dolphin fan.

The wild horse close-edge Davis praised Osville and he had tacit understandingBROCK OSWEILER is now serving as the first quarter of Denver’s wild horse, coach Gary Kubiak, which begins to adopt his own preferences, which means that the close-up front is attacking in the wild horse. The system occupies more important positions.

“… When he sits down and tells me these words, this really let me open the eyes, let me down, because I always think, & lsquo; I need to carry pressure, I have to shoulder heavy, I am very strong I am very strong. & Rsquo; not, it is not this. When he told me these words, from this exchange, from this day, I know that I will be very special in the sea eagle. Until today, he It is my good coach. I will go to the fire for him. “

For a long-term measures for Parker’s health dolphins. According to Lott Port, the outer junction will begin training camp in the abidents, but the focus is in the 2015 season unveiled battle, and there are signs that he will prepare the game in September.

After Dirac injury, the outside is expected to return to the left trial position. He has previously served as the left-trial of 11 seasons for the eagle and exhibits excellent. However, on Saturday’s training, Pites still served as the right dust, Matt Pryor.

“I will never forget, (Pitt Carol) I came to me in the first time, he said, & lsquo; what do you want to prove? What do you want to get from this transaction? What kind of performance is you ready? & Rsquo; I remember telling him, & lsquo; I just want to be the greatest player. I just want to get all the achievements and win the super bowl of champion, & rsquo; “Adams recall. “But he let me stop, then he said, & lsquo; Hey, you don’t have to do any special things, just do yourself. You don’t have to change anything. I want you to come here to do yourself, be the best Jamar – Adams. No matter what you want to be on the venue and what to do, what you want, whether you want to do, you will play your strongest strength and become a real professional player. & Rsquo; “

“I am very sad,” Adams said that when the end of the season was injured. “I know that I can’t play all the best in the playoffs. This is why I was introduced by the team. So this is sad, this is really sad.”

At the same time of the lunar seat, the dolphin is signed, and the old Jennings will increase the depth of the lineup. He will possibly with Landri and Kenny-Steil before Park returns. Kenny Stills cooperates with a key role. Dolphin is also owned by Riddard Matthews as an insurance.

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