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This season’s game Matthews in the stupid of the Ammy Dolphin, wearing a dark green shoe, a dark-stained shoe in accordance with the requirements. The 2011 season Matthew has been fined $ 5,000 because of a yellow shoe.

It is still not clear why Matthew is fined so heavy, according to the 2013 penalty method, the player’s first violation of the dress is $ 5512. But there is also a possibility that the relevant departments have a peek at these guys reminded the problem of Matthews, but there is no fine before. Matthew 3 games were wearing this pair of white shoes, and this season should also wear a few times.

NFL official website reported that Matthew wore a fine of $ 10,000 because of the white shoes in the game against the Arrange Fematch. This is a punishment of Brandon Williams in the competition than last week’s New Orleans, Curtis Lofton, and the close-up of the Carolina Black Leopard. heavier. Both of them were punished by their fights by $ 8268.

Packaging work Matthews is fined $ 10,000 due to wearing white shoesWearing white shoes is not only behind the labor day, but also affects wallets. Clay Matthews of the Green Bay Packaging Team recognized this on Friday.

The Hawks signed the old position of Greg Olsen in this year. If Disil, Olsen, which is also a shortage of injuries, can be kept healthy, then the Ball offense of the sea eagle will make the opponent difficult to hold.

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Ward is a steel man, in 14 years of effectiveness, he helps the team to win 2 super bowls, and you are also the 40th Super Bowl MVP. Ward said that this is the first time in his career not supported steel.

Last season, I originally discrily played a giant star level. He has known that it is a four-dimensional Walhers Wilson’s number one pass target, and completes another important ball. In the top 5 games last season, he got 262 yards 3 times, which completed 4 batches in the game of the Los Angeles ram to advance 81 yards.

Cutting Gano will make the black panther save $ 2.8 million in salary space, but at the same time, the black panther needs a redundant salary of $ 1.5 million in the next two years. In Gano was cut off, the black panther has taken a $ 41 million redundant salary this year, which is the most alliance. This figure shows that the black panther has made blood about lineup this year.

Disil knows that the original potential is ended last season due to injuries. Now he wants to prove that he will return to the level of the last season, and ensure that you can stay healthy. “Rehabilitation gave me a lot of confidence, so I never afraid I don’t know if I am ready to put on armor,” he said. “So, more excited. I put on armor again. I am playing. I am working hard. I have celebrated many times when I experienced rehabilitation, you have to celebrate these tiny moments, return training is definitely One of them. But I don’t need to overcome anxiety and fear. It is excited to return to my love. “

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At the time of health, the 33-year-old Gano performance is reliable. In the 12 games in 2018, he tried to complete 14 times, including a 63-yard shot, and completed 30 times in the 33-time Dali additional shot.

Jet Assistant Coach Heins Ward hopes to defeat the old eastThe next game has been meaningless for the New York jet, but it is not the case for the jet offense assistant coach Hines Ward. If you can defeat his old East Pittsburgh Steelman, Ward wants to win a championship.

It is unclear whether Caglo has completely restored health, but in view of excellent veterans, he has been sought after, he should find new work at some time. At least, if there is a team’s player during the season because of the new crown, Ca will pay attention.

“This will be very special for me, but I am a good person,” Ward said Friday. “I want to win. I wanted to defeat the steel man with anyone of this team. I trust me. I told me players, & lsquo; you have to win this game for me. & Rsquo; if we win I would like to be treated like this. “

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