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Henderson performance during this year’s physical measurement is also the second place this year. Henderson Henderson has excellent global technology, which can provide strong anti-transmission, need to meet Jalen Ramsey and A.j. Buoye’s Jaguji.

In view of the possibility of dolphins, it is possible to obtain the first five-step selection right in the 2020 election, replacing the first quarter-saving decision to make the dolphins in rebuilding can determine if Runs can act in the future. Of course, Runson can use performance to prove that they are in the future of dolphins. After winning the first round of the show last year, he was still an unknown number of geometry after being selected by Arizona.

Former lightning players, old defensive dish, Corey Liget, Today. He has been interviewed for giants, American tigers and seaks, but not in a hurry to make a decision.

Pony Exterior Hands Listein Training In the ankle dislocation, fracture, and the medical car departure will be subject to surgery.

The eagle 4-point guard Cathler was injured in the game of the United States and was receiving the brain volatile inspection process.

The American Tiger Run Alfred – Alfred Blue injured.

Falcon defensive defender Damatai – Kaji Kazee rib injured, angular Wiklor-Shefield hurts. Extracoring Russel – Gage Russell Gage hips injured.

The jet right is the broken Brandon Shell.

The crow line is Christ Board, is accepting the brain oscillating examination process.

Red leather line Wei Mai Lee, Heles Humphrey, defensive cut Tim – Tim Settlement Due to the injury and quarantine.

After the Harrison to the training camp, the lions joined him to the injured list. Due to contract issues, Harrison did not participate in the mini training camp and other snap season training programs. The lion is estimated to let him go back to the right track and try to play the first week of the regular season.

cheap nfl jerseys from China official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that the entontricant news reported that Nate Solder agreed with the team for about two years, the contract was $ 201 million. The 27-year-old player was selected in the 2011 election first round, he was appointed as one of the team’s 2015 seasons.

“This is the meaning of the privileged label,” Gaun said. “Why do we do this reason, we hope and intend to continue to consult with the contract. This is a negotiation, it is a process. This is a for both sides, for the player, for the team for a long time and short term Can accept the contract. Our plan is still signed a long time. “

Despite the last season Patriot’s winning journey, S S Sel looks more to the leg role, he is still one of the top offensive cuts of the league, especially considering that the offensive front line in front of Braddy will often be replaced.

In the first two games in the season, the dolphins were taken in a defeated. Rosen only got an opportunity to get in junk time. The first four-point Guifez Patrick passed the success rate of only 50%, got 1 time to reach, 4 times of passing.

The privileged label contract of Crawni will give him a $ 15.97 million in 2019. If both parties cannot sign a long and Clailn’s best performance, the annual salary of Texas takes not to be taken. But if Claien is once again suffered from injuries like it, then he may only sign a short to prove he.

After adding dolphins through transactions, Rosen did not win Fitz Patrick in the competition. But now, dolphins have changed their minds. Runson will again cooperate with a bad offensive front line. Although this season has limited time, he has been killed 4 times. He successfully obtained 102 yards 2 times twice this season.

At last season, he started 13 games. The sharp offensive front line affected his play. Rosen’s success rate was only 55.2% last season, and the 2278 yards were taken for 11 times to 14 times. The passed is copied, led the rickets only 3 victories.

According to the Lottport report, this contract includes $ 20 million full guarantee income and if it enters the professional bowl in the next three seasons can get a bonus of $ 1.5 million. Contract Terms Prevention of Patriots from playing privileged players labels in the future. This will continue to get Sodell to get high salary, and he will complete our fifth year contract draft this season.

Previously, there was a huge difference between the long negotiation between Claien and Texas and the team seem to be willing to let him only have a privilege label contract to play the new season. Brian Gaine Brian Gaine said that both sides were still trying to finalize the new contract before the deadline on July 15.

It will always be difficult to see the negotiations from the surface and the Crawni. Although this preamble is excellent in exercise ability, he has never been a single season and only once in the season. His performance in the 5 seasons is worth a long to send a German? Still, let him make a decision according to the performance of the 2019 season?

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