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But we know that the dolphins will eventually let Lan return, even if the team selection of the tax salary of the salary cap is only $ 4.6 million. So even if Caterler wants to return, this decision is also a very bold idea for him.

“In addition to joining Bradford, a new offensive line, wide receiver and all the other new players are very critical. I believe the Cardinals offensive team next season may be among the highest in the league.”

Jay – Cartier said that I haven’t considered the 2018 season.In the 2017 season, Miami Dolphins allowed Jay Culter, who prepared to retire, returned to the venue, but this old quarter-off is not sure whether his 2018 season will return again.

And if the first year of the 49 people of San Francisco want to pick this rookie quad-defense that is already familiar with your own offensive system, Adams said that he is a suitable candidate. “I looked at the attack on Philadelphia last year, 80-90% of attack, I will adopt Oregon University, so I think I may really play in his offensive group.”

Quad-defense Adam: Suitable for Effective Qipprop – Kelly offensive groupA few weeks ago, the wholesale Nfl Jerseys official website elected experts have been optimistic about the four points of Vernon Adams and the coach Qi-Kelly (Chip Kelly). At that time, the University of Oregon was played in the East and West All-Star. outstanding.

When participating in radio show Wednesday morning, Johnson said: “As long as Bradford stay healthy, our results will be very good Personally, I see a lot of his good qualities from the video, the most important thing to maintain. healthy.”

This season Carteller started 12 games, completed 2374 yards pass, 18 reached, 11 copies, completed 6 wins and 6 losses. His performance overall allows the team to satisfy the team, because no one will expect the team’s first four-point Wei Len-Tanhall, the team.

Bradford in 2017 season opener (32 pass 27, 346 yards, three touchdowns) performance is indeed impressive. Even the 2016 season, the Vikings offensive line is not tough, he also received excellent results: 71.6% pass completion rate league, 20 + yards passing accuracy rate is also the highest in the league.

Before renewing with Mahms, the chieftain may still solve several problems. How will the Sammy Watkins Watkins Watkins? Can they leave key corners of Bashaud Breland and KenDall Fuller still have to replace them? The free player market will have a key impact on whether the chieftain can succeed.

“We are working hard to complete the renewal,” the CEO of the wild horse and the President Joe Ellis “said. “We have some effective discussions last week, we will continue to negotiate. John is an important part of our team, we want to make sure he has long been in the team.”

First of all, will the new labor agreement have passed? The proportion of players in the new labor agreement may change the consideration of both parties. Before the new labor agreement, Mahms should not complete the renewal.

Trent Baalke Terent Buck said on Wednesday, said that he “complete” expects Colin Kaepernick to continue to stay in 49 people next season, it seems that the team is not ready to replace Quarter. But this does not mean that the team is impossible to pick a young quarterfield.

Cardinals running back for next season, Johnson is confident offensiveAlthough most people believe that the Cardinals will trade up to select a quarterback, but the Cardinals running back David – Johnson (David Johnson) on the current situation has been very satisfied.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that the Mustang and General Manager / Executive Vice President John Elway is signed, let him stay in the team for a long time Progress in the contract.

The next question is that the chief and the Mahkus are willing to make a player take a salary space? Chiefs still have to work hard to defensive cut Chris Jones, and Travis Kelce These players should also get salary. Mahms knows that he cannot win, and he is only 24 years old, he will earn a lot of money in his career. If Mahms choose the highest salary that does not fight for what you can get, it will not be surprised.

Jackson is obviously confident, but it is difficult to do, and Jackson and his teammates must first show the level of championships on the training ground. When starting at the season, their performance will determine the expectations of the outside world.

There is no doubt that two people are interested in. Types who have served as the Oregon University coach and a former Oregon University four-point guards who are familiar with the Kelly offensive system, and Kelly does not need to spend a high-level draft. You can pick Adams. The final season of the University was transferred to Adams in the University of Oregon and one of the most optimistic four-point guard this year.

Counterfeit NFL Jerseys seized by CBP at JFK International Mail FacilityAt recent recent interviews, Cartier said that he was currently only paying attention to the team upcoming game of the Bansas Chief, and then considering his future. He said: “I haven’t considered the future plan, you know, I am now focusing on the game. When I ended, I will pay attention to my own thing.”

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