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The chief will end the rest period training next week. Andy Reid previously said they have been reviewing some special tactics and personnel arrangements for partition opponents and unveiling the opponents Houston Texas.

The raids have external hands to give up the old helmet will be sponsored to use the new helmetBeijing August 26th Auckland Assault Exterior Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown) In order to be able to use his favorite helmet, his second appeal was rejected again on Sunday, which made him don’t No choice can only give up.

In Smith encounters a week ago, a rumor pointed out that the general manager and the head coach would not accept the transaction requests raised by their star, instead, they will try to convince Smith to fight again. After Smith, after this excellent performance, we believe that no matter if he is injured, he will choose another try to hit the super bowl of champion.

Wardun is a recent important person who left the ram coach team and management. Previously, Brad Holmes, who was the leader of the ram of ram – Holmes, has now joined the General Manager of the Detroit Lion, and the German Assistant General Manager Ray Agnew and Rambouri Sanitary Protector Audrey Pleasant also brought to the lion. Brandon Staley, Brandon Staley, is a coach. Stelley is expected to bring the ram assistant coach and the Joe Barry brought the lightning and the Pass Defense Coordinator.

Although Brown could not use a preference helmet, this wind wave is not completely failed to him. Rosenhaus said that this incident has brought business opportunities for Brown, and he may get a custom helmet and may get sponsorship helmet manufacturers.

Smith announced the 2015 season in August this year to be his last season. He then showed more than expectations in the season, showing the level of professional bowls in the 7 games, and became the most well-old “old age” outside the NFL history with Jerry Rice.

As one of his unbelievable offensive hands in this generation, Smith has reached the eleventh of history before the start of the next season. If he re-ranked out this season next season, he has the opportunity to rank the ranking. To the top five.

“The helmet and feet are now in the past,” Rosenhaus said. He fully focused on football and ready to play back again. He will play together with Jon Gruden and Drek Carr. I am very excited about his future. “

Rams win key: “cunning,” the SWAT teamThis week the St. Louis Rams Seattle Seahawks can beat strong, the key is wonderful to play special teams. Rams with a few very “cunning” deceptive tactics to help the team get out eventually.

Wardun has served as a 7-year coach in cheap nfl jerseys From china, and the last four years is served in the ram & mdash; & mdash; the first season serves as the close-edge coach, and after three years, I will serve as a pass attack coordinator. In 2016, Wardun is an offensive quality control coach of Washington football team.

In this season, the Haiying offensive group with extremely high expectations is hot in the start-up phase, and the four-point wagel Wilson once a MVP is the most popular selection of MVP. But with the season, the Haiying offensive group is constantly returning, eventually eliminated by the ram in the outer cassette.

“I feel that I have always maintained a considerable body shape,” Mahms said in an interview. “I have been training with my teammates. I have been training with my teammates and try to prepare, I know we missed the snap-in team training and mini training camp. I am very excited to return to these people as soon as possible. Training and ready. The season will come soon. “

Habito offensive groups with quarterves Wilson and DK-Metcaf (DK Metcalf) and Tayler Lockett need to find a way to make progress. And Wardun’s departure also makes the Future of the ram four-point Guardian Gaff (Jared Goff). Gao Fu cooperated with Wardlun in his career. He is currently not completely trusted by the team.

“This is also a great study experience for our players and coaches,” Reed said. “We don’t just learn all of these technology, we can also enter technology into teaching. So even if we don’t have players, we can spend a few hours and teach them. Our progress has not slowed down. “

“We have made all the concerns that have made him put on the helmet have made a number of companies now willing to provide him with custom helmets and pay him a lot of money,” Rosenhaus said. “I will not disclose the details, we have found some very suitable alternative models. We are very excited. Antonio wore a new helmet. He will not absent more time, he will get a lot of money to wear a new helmet. Even if he can’t worry Old helmet, this is a happy ending. “

The chief defensive group is full of talent and vitality, specializing in killing and manufacturing a ball switch. Also 3-4 formation, their external wire combination Houston and Tamba – Harry can be said to be second bobility in Wild Miller only in the wild horse. Derrick Johnson, which has been returned in the inner line, is also comprehensive, and comprehensive. Couple with Dwitto, Beiler, Howard, etc., with a strong and solid defensive front line, the front line of the chief has both hardness and shortness of hardness, I believe they will be more troublesome than the crow defensive group. In addition to near-end Edge Kelxi, the chief of the chieftain comes from the back defense, the first round of Show Cag, Maucus Peters, is much lower than the level of attention, but it is like a long time. The venue of the sand field quickly integrated into the professional stadium, and the first game won the copy. Because the All-Star Safety Wei Rick-Berry has just defeated Hodgkin’s lymphoma, but the start of the starter – Parker is not a court, not to disgrace the mission. The starting tour Gu Hussein – Abdullah is already a 7-year old soldier, although not all star characters but also experienced, and playing steady.

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