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It seems that the two teams of the two teams have a lot of attention, just like the history of the two teams. The former team friend Taylor – James Conner returned to the Heinshi Stadium in parallel; the same as an external hand, the junction of Zhu Zhu-Smith Schith- Schuster) and Joe Mixon are also a good hand of the Alliance; Cameron Heyward and Keno-Atkins are just like a heavy tun The hand door siege; Jessie Bates and Mingkah Fitzpatrick will launch an empty dictor in this game in this competition in Jessie Bates and MINKAH FITZPATRICK.

In addition to North District, San Diego lightning is also a victory with the Kansas City Emirates, and the 6-victorious Miami Dolphin and Buffal have still have a season. Overall, Bill and dolphins need to add one, they are actually on the edge of the cliff, especially for Bill, the next opponent has Denver Yam, New England Patriot and Green Bay Package, etc. Enemy.

You compete for me, the prospect of the Menfang season is confusingCompared with the National Liannan District team to get 6 wins, it is expected to enter the playoff game, the competition between the United Jianlian team is much fierce, and the victory may not be enough.

Of course, even to cheap nfl Jerseys owners have to sit down and vote for the casino also requires a lot of follow-up work. For example, if Dean Spanos and San Diego can reach an official of a new stadium for the Chargers agreement, then Davis could (he will) directly to the Raiders moved back to Los Angeles, settled Stein – Crow Enke new stadium is located in Inglewood.

[Event Briefing] Regular Tournament 11th Week: The first war raster winsIn the 11th week of the regular season, the National Association of Los Angeles ram and the United States headed Kansas City chiefs conducted a contest in Los Angeles. In the best of the wonderful battle, the ram made a victory at 54:51, and continued to become the best in the alliance.

In the two teams, the steel man took the lead in 65 wins and 35, and the record of Meng Hu 11 wins 24 lost on Monday night competition was also unfavorable. However, the two teams have only 6.7 points in the past three years, and the two struggles will not easily make the opponent’s live broadcast in the whole day!

Pittsburgh Steelman and Cincinnatina are struggling and defensive: Andy Dalton is afraid that it will be replaced by Ryan Finley, Ryan Finley, has been forced to Mason – Luolf (Mason Rudolph) only twice completely passing the pass, interesting is that these two balls are just two times of his only two times; the Meng Hui defensive group and the steelman defensive group are each The 418.7 yards and 456.0 yards were released, and in the five people in the countdown, the opponent was taken 62 points and 52 points in the same confrontation of 9 people and the Hawks.

Red leather layoff starting safety 卫 巴 里 博博After the end of Brandon Meriweather, the red skin announced on Tuesday to give up their first strong Weibali-Lambo (Bacarri Rambo) came to Merriwi’s 53 people. Space.

Pedon – Manning Lead 130 people 2021 famous Hallowan modern player candidate listAmong the first year, there is a player who is selected in the Career French Hall of Fame, there is a history of the best level of four-point guard.

To know that the 7-winning Cleveland Brown team is just in the United States of America, there are 7 wins and 3 losses, 1 flat, Cincinnati, 7 wins and 4 losses of Baldous and 7 wins and 4 losses Pittsburgh steel man. NFL media people, the original Washington Red Leather and Houstown Texas Manager Charley Casserly, said he has never seen such a ranking in the final stage of the season.

[Pre-match] Fourth Week, Monday Night: Pittsburgh Steelman VS Cincinnati TigerIf the two teams have not taken a victory for this game, then you may miss the most strong taste this year. The demonstration between the famous dead enemies in the same partition is that any fan is not missed in the National Day holiday.

Although the peak dialogue is lost, the chief is still the head of the United States. What Mahms and young chiefs have to do, they will hurry from the haze of failure, and prepare for the next playoffs.

In addition to Manning, other qualified candidates include: A defensive guards who have been effective for Green Bay packages and Auckland raids, Charles Woodson, who once selected professional bowls and won 1 The super bowl of champion; the Detroit Lion, who has been selected for 6 career bowls, Karvin Johnson; the best of the best in history, Jared Allen; New England Patriots Dynasty One of the most valuable contributors to protect Luan Mankins; CHARLES TILLMAN, who has been able to force the opponent to the ball in the precise timing to drop the ball. Tillman.

Lambo graduated from Georgia University, is the sixth round of Hongfei 2013, the rookie season as a tour, but his hug technology and the perspective choice problem is disease, often missed, so in the season The post-section is held on the bench by the coach group. In this season, it is responsible for the 76 yards of Dean Deandre Hopkins to Del Andre Hopkins. Become a close-end Edge Mercedes – Lewis’s 63 yards of the Mercedes Lewis.

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