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Los Angeles ram re-signed a 1-year contract, and Morgan Fox, while cutting off defensive tanzel smart. Fox was previously effective for the ram, and he won 2 kills last season, and a total of 4.5 killing in 4 years. Samart selected the sixth round in 2017. His last season he played 13 games for the ram.

Tom Braddy did not participate in the White House celebration with PatriotsThe new England Patriots 4-point Dougou Braddy did not participate in the Super Bowl of the White House to win the celebration.

The University of Alabama, Nick Saban, is more happy. He said in the tweet: “We sincerely welcome Lin En to stay in Alabama University, fight with us, Lin En It is an excellent offensive coordinator. Our offensive group has a very high efficiency last season. Lynn is in the future, we will help him and create him into a future coach. “

Taylor exceeds 6100 yards in the 3 seasons of the University of Wisconsin, a total of 50 mulled balls. In these three seasons, his scorpion will be nearly 1000 times, so many people in the outside world doubt whether he will decrease his career in a large number of appearances during the university.

The pony selection Taylor made a partner in Maclon Mack in the second round. The pony offensive group was significantly affected in the two key competitions in Mike last season. Hiriani said last week that the team can have two “excellent running guards” that “can complete a number of tasks”.

At August, ESPN also reported Gordon’s considering team events before the season, until returning to the team to ensure that they entered the free player market next year. It seems that this is his current plan. He will be fined by absence team events.

So, now 49 people will pursue who will chase? It is reported that the main coach of the cheflan Brown is now the Indianapolis pony team special offense assistant Rob Chudzinski is a good candidate. He is not coming to the next week. The pony is renewed. In addition, the current team’s four-dimensional coach Jeep Christ Chryst may also be a choice.

“Our team has made very special achievements, we are now very proud of this and future. Thank President to hold this glorious celebration and support our team I can remember so long. Due to some recent arrangements, I can’t participate in today’s celebration, because I have to participate in family events. I hope that if we can win the championship again in the future, we will quickly return to the White Herban lawn. I wish you a happy day! “

Thomas was born in Pascula, Mississippi, a member of the basketball team during the college, and he had stayed in a honest team after graduation. In 1999, she began to work in referee, law enforcement high school, 2011 became the first BIG 10 college female referee.

Now 24-year-old Balaji, rushed the ball only 110 times advancing 326 yards, scored four rushing touchdowns. After the Dolphins two seasons, he will go to the Jets, the running back Lewei En – Bell (Le & rsquo; Veon Bell) and Frank – for a chance to play after Gore (Frank Gore).

Balaji is a 2018 four-wheel show, played last season in Dolphins flat, 12 appearances, including six starts, advancing only 135 yards, rushing yards were only 1,8 yards. Quarterback Ryan – 费兹帕特里克 (Ryan Fitzpatrick) Dolphins last season, leading the team rushed the ball a few yards.

Morrell became an official referee in 1997 and began law enforcement with 2003. It is reported that the US Time Wednesday announced the new joined 1 new referee and the official referee of 10 first-year experiences to 122 groups.

49 people in all the offensive coordinators stay in the universityAlthough the San Francisco 49 people recently expressed its advantage in the battle of Lane Kiffin, Kaifeng decided to stay in the University of Alabama and continued to serve as an offensive coordinator.

Run Gordon: Absence the lightning competition is to “protect yourself”Beijing, September 14, reported to ESPN to Espn, Melvin Gordon, believes that Los Angeles lightning will not trade themselves, he will continue to absence the team competition in order to “protect yourself”, but he will Report to the team this season.

Dolphins running back to Karen – Balaji traded to the JetsUpdated: US time on Thursday noon, according to Nfl Jerseys Network correspondent reported before Balaji officially dismissed, the Jets and Dolphins made representations. Dolphins running back will put the name of the trade to the Jets in exchange for a conditional seven other draft picks.

The top salary in the running guard market is approximately $ 13 million in an average of about $ 13 million, and the idea of ​​using bonuses to make up for the price gap between the two sides, I have not agreed.

Gordon was selected in the 15th of 2015, and he was selected for 28 times in the past three years, and the column of alliances in the past 3 years. In the 12 games last season, Gordon completed 175 shocks, acquired 885 yards, completing 490 yards 50, with a total of 14 times.

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