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Falcon New Stadium completion will be announced recentlyFalcon has nearly four months to complete our new stadium. Recently, they will announce whether the completion will be released to determine if the opening day will delay.

Pirates quartz Weston receive eye angle surgeryIn the 2019 season, Jameis Winston became the only player in history with a single season of 30 times and 30 times. He doesn’t seem to be very satisfied with such a result.

Mayo will solve these needs in the free player market and draft, and he will also hope that the 2019 new show will continue to make progress last season. If all according to the plan, he can reinforce the team’s lineup and make the raid people ushered in the first year of Las Vegas.

Malone said: “I talked to him today, I also told him that I would like to observe several training. & Hellip; & hellip; he is indeed rehabilled, but I still want to take the results on the training ground. I seem to, Now in training or Mike passed better, give us a better winner. “

“Our offensive group is quite well, I think everyone who is standing here knows that we need to make up in the external hand,” Mercaik said. “We need to become better. Antonio Brown left a vacancy we really couldn’t fill. So we need to be better in this position.”

Winston’s spokesperson told reporters: “As long as there is a chance to make him play better in the movement of love, he is willing to try. He didn’t want to miss this opportunity. This is his loveless football game, he wants to be the best One member, as long as there is an opportunity to improve, he is willing to try. “

The four-point guardian of the American tiger can’t play the ball is very depressed.After the thumb was hurt, the Jaguzi Si Daudener-Ming Dynasty (Gardner MinShew) had a coach Doug-Marrone, hoping that he would let himself return to the court.

However, the contracted structure design of the stadium has brought some trouble. There have been some events to be held. On June 30th, a MLS competition will be held, and 2 football competitions in August. In September, there are two university rugby games. At the same time, the Falcon also needs to perform the preseason and regular season.

Although most coaches and general managers make their own answer vague, Mei Joked dare to admit that their external connections need to be upgraded. The same is true for the team’s defensive group. “We have a lot of demand in the defensive group, the problem is & lsquo; who is a good player who makes us better? & Rsquo;” Mercio said.

Lewis was put by the team in the beginning of the season, and he was injured until it was injured again, and cheap Jerseys from china the left knee needs to be accepted again (but not ligament surgery). Since October 27, he has participated in 8 training.

Patriot activation running Di Dian – Lewis enters a big listNew England Patriot Saturday officially activated Run Di Dian – Lewis entered a big list. Almost a year ago, Lewis was torn in front of the left knee in the game.

When the state is the best, Lewis seems to meet the description of Billych. Before he injured last season, he was stunning in the 7 games, and the total of 49 battles were completed, and the 234 yard was 2 times. There were 36 battles to get 388 yards 2 times.

General Manager of the raid: Need to reinforce the team outside the teamWhen Mike Mayock, Mike Mayock, the media stage, which is the second year of his second year, is an interview with the general manager of Las Vegas raid, rather than a draft expert.

Tyrod Taylor’s head was injured in the head of the Baltima Crow on August 26, still in the brain shock inspection process. The third quarter-point guard TJ-Yez (T. J. Yates) also also in the brain shock inspection process.

“I think James White is a good player. His performance is very good. Can someone do better? I don’t know. But this is very dependent on its state and he can continue such performance.” Clama Bir – Bill Belichick said Friday. “I have to play a very good person to be better than him.”

In addition, Bill also signed 30-year-old four-point guard Joe-Webb. Weber was cut off on Saturday by Carolina. The chief SEAN MCDERMOTT has served as the Black Panther defensive coordinator, and Brandon Beane, Brandon Beane, was once familiar with Weberman.

If Taylor is still unable to appear, this year’s selection of the fifth round of the new show, Nathan Peterman, will start the game against the New York jet. Pittman’s success rate of 54% in the preseason in the preseason, and the quarterfielding points reached 75.6.

Although Lewis has officially entered the list of 53 people, the patriot has to decide whether to let him enter the play lineup of the next game against the Seattle Hawks. Informed people revealed that the patriots will be patient, and the team is satisfied with the main replacement of Lewis James White.

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