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Packaging worker running 卫 泰 – Montgomery hopes to play the next game

Green Bay packaging is usually careful to treat injured players, let them stop to avoid long-term impact.

In this case, we will think that Ty Montgomery, which is the rib fracture in the game game, will absence the next game.

But Montgomery himself insisted on Tuesday that as long as there will be long-term damage, wholesale nfl jerseys supply I want to play a game.

“I will treat this week with myself to play the game,” Montgomery said. “I don’t want to take risks to harm their long-term health, but in the end, I will depends on me.”

Montgomery said that he has considered the possibility of wearing additional protection equipment. In the end, he said he is willing to endure the injured.

If Montgomery is unable to play, wholesale nfl jerseys cheap Jamal Williams and Aaron Jones will fill his position.

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