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Russel Wilson: We are very close to the playoffs

Although the Seattle Hawks currently only 4 wins and 5 losses, this seems to not affect their quasight Wilson.

This optimistic four-defense said in an interview: “I think we are very close to the season, the most important thing is not to examine everything or to analyze what, but then get more Score. “

Throughout the 10th week, cheap official nfl jerseys the Hawow won the Chicago Bear without Jay Cutler, best place for cheap jerseys won 2 wins and 7-loud Detroit lions, won 49 people in San Francisco, 6 wins, Win Dallas Cowba without Tony Romo. Obviously, the winning game will be won, but there are several games that are lost in the fourth quarter.

This Sunday Hawow will host the 49 people in San Francisco at home, which should be a game that must win, because the follower will be the Pittsburgh Steelman and Minnesota Viking.

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