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After the early stage of the season, the black panther offensive group was re-rejuvenating after the Newton began to repeat the ball. Although Newton’s mushroom capacity will never be completely given up, it is obvious that the decision makers of the black panther want the offensive group no longer depend on the team’s most important player’s rush, which is the risk of being hit.

The location coach in Pebus will be Eric – Eric Washington. Washington joined the black panther in 2011, he caught up with the first year of Pebus in the last year of the bear team. Washington said in the official website that Pebus came to Peibus in these years.

In the case where the dolphins are ready to welcome the jet in the next game, this contract has also been considered for preparation. Before this competition for the two team competition, Junps did not doubt it to understand the jet defense group.

Falcon’s substitute quarter-shot T. J. (T. J. Yates) and Shaun Ren Renfree are flat in the preseason, and the team decided to introduce an experienced old future to help the entire team. The status of the first quartz of Matt Ryan is unable to supplement, but supplementary emergency programs are equally necessary.

The front first round show that was cut off by the New York jet on Tuesday was signed by the Miami dolphin on Tuesday. At the star pass the ball shock, Cameron Wake, due to the reimbursement of the loose tendon season, the dolphins have been looking for an answer on the defensive front line.

Shura joined the panther in 2011 to serve as a four-point guard, he served as an offensive coordinator in the last five seasons. Shura cultivated him in the early days of 4 points, Cam Newton’s career and helped him get MVP in the 2015 season. However, because the offensive group demonstrates an undulating lack of stability Shura frequently attacked by the black panther fan.

Preferred & mdash; Tel Avis Kels (Emirates): The chief of the chief is hot, Kels is the first to rush, and the ball has passed the 100 yards in the last two weeks. This week, the fighting Eagle, there is no suitable defensive Lusters’ players, Kels data should be quite stable.

In last year, Rouvet Rivii said that the offensive group should rely less on Newton’s mushroom capabilities and should help him transition into a pocket-type quarter-saving. Part of Newton received shoulder surgery during the offset period, this planned as bubble.

Falcon signed an old quarterAtlantan Falcs announced the signing of the signed four-point guard on the local time on Wednesday, REX GROSSMAN. According to NFL official website reporters, the two sides agreed to a 1 year contract. The 35-year-old Grossman has had a cooperation experience in Kyle Shanahan in Washington and Cleveland, Washington.

All this does not mean that Kynek will continue to stay in San Francisco. He still may be traded before the next month’s training camp is officially opened, but for the current most important thing is to adapt to the high frequency mode of Kelly.

Alternative & mdash; Malcolm Mitchell (Patriot): Gambling recommendation, the two weeks of the patriot team have been injured in the last two weeks, the focus of the passing, Mitchell is timely Kill, I won three reacons in the last two weeks, which can be hot, because of the NFL wage problem, this week can be considered to be burst, and the ram team will prevent Endelman, Mitchell invisible opportunities. Increase.

In the 2017 season, the Fallen Leopard Ranking Alliance No. 19, ranked 28th, the number of passes of the average passed number, the number of the average scorpion code, the field score ranked 12th. In the playoffs of the New Orleans, the black panther offensive group promoted 413 yards to get 26 points.

The black panther defensive front line coach said that the Pebz worship is not reduced. A defensive end of Julius Peppers, this year’s offering period, as a free player returned to the old master Black Leopard. The people here still hopes to him.

Preferred – Mike Evans (Pirate): Very stable goals, there are hundreds of battles in 100 yards since the last two weeks, and I have got two more than two reaches last week. This week, the fireload, which is not a whole, is Wensada shows the opportunity of the hand.

Rivira on Tuesday said that the team’s new offensive coordinator must bring “different angles.” “This is related to the growth,” Rivira said. “This team has a growing space.” Rivila also said that the panther has no time to arrange for employment new coaches.

In 2012, the selection of the 16th selection of the selected programs took 16.5 times in their own three seasons, but after the jet replaced the coach this season, the role of Copus was increasingly reduced. The coach Todde-Bowles said that Hempis was not suitable for the jets, and the priest should be more suitable for the 4-3 system of dolphins.

For Grosman, it is also a win-win decision to partner with the Salunan partner at the end of your career. The coach is more preferred to familiarize with the players who have tactical systems, and the veterans also hopes to avoid learning new tactics.

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