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Practitioner coach: Run Linqi will get more appearance time

The next game may be a game that the Auckland raid fans is happy to see, cheap jerseys online and Marshawn Lynch may open them to look forward to the wild beast mode of the whole season.

The old land cheap nfl jerseys from china will be restricted in the first 11 games before the season, restricting his opponent’s defensive group but is lacking the opportunity to lack the ball. Raiders red ball number is the least league (214 times), the season Lynch red ball 97, made 390 yards. If the raid is a big bit earlier in the game 8-33, cheap jerseys from china the game is backward early in the game, and Lindchi has the opportunity to win the game of the first mock code in the season.

Jack Del Rio said they will work together to let Lynch often participate in attacks in the early days of the game.

“I want to motivate him to let him get more opportunities,” Delrio said. “Obviously, this is to make me to master the ball in the offensive group I have said earlier this week, but also have more ball rights, more offensive time and opportunity. His manifestation is This important factor is important. “

They need more efficient in the lower competition, their opponents Denver Musk this season makes the opponent averages averaged 3.3 yards, and they let the opponents Cincinnati will only advance 190 yards.

If the raid people want to rely on Lynch’s plan to work, then their offensive front line needs more stable play. But currently their first right striker Gaibo – Jack Jackson is troubled by ankle, and he has not participated in training all weeks. He is listed as unable to determine whether it is.

The raids look for the playoffs for the playoffs, but now they still want to enter the playoffs, then let Lynch will play.

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