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2016 season Detroit Lion Regular Tourism Retrospective and PlayoffsSince the 2014 season, the Detroit lion has once again entered the playoffs in two years. Over the past two years, the Lion has experienced the pain of the five-game losing in the 2015 season, and the general manager was dismissal, and the retired of “Wei Zhentian” Calvin Johnson. I am afraid that the new general manager Bob – Kuinn has never thought that he can successfully bring the team again in the playoffs in the first season.

Shazore was absent from the 2014 season, absent 4 games in the 2015 season, absent 3 games last season. But although he had suffered a injury blow in the past, he wanted to practice more exercises before the beginning of the regular season, not to rest, stay healthy.

Pittsburgh steel man line Sand Zil leg tears injury to recurrent returning trainingBeijing August 20th in his three NFL season, Ryan Shazier was troubled by injuries every season, and this year’s injury made him absent the training camp in the opening stage. But he finally returned after missed most of the summer training.

This season, Phillips’s excellent performance helping the team got 2 victories, the team star defensive player Ndam Kong-Suh is this evaluation, “I think he is in the right direction, the mentality is also very good When a person focuses on what he wants to do, he will become the person he wants to be, and I can see him from a rookie to the current growth than others. “

Before the start of the season, in order to fill the blank left by Carvin – Johnson, March 11th, the male lion has officially signed free players with a piece of 5 years / 40 million US dollars, before Cincinnati ram out, Marvin-Jones Marvin Jones Jr.). On July 28th, the team took advantage of the 36-year-old Old, Anquan Boldin, signed a 1 year / $ 2.75 million contract. In addition, maintaining defensive front lines is also the weight of the lions. On March 4th, the defensive disharmony Tailor-Walker 1 year / 1.6 million US dollars and the team renewal. 5 days later, Haloti Ngata also renewied with the lion 2 years / 12 million. The team also renewed Tahir Whitehead, replacing Stephen Tullock as the first mid-range guard. Under the leadership of Darius Slay, Darius Slay and 2014 Season Occupational Bowl, the Lion Defensive Group contributed 10 times As of the team, the team was hitting the horses in the season.

Owens had 49 people in San Francisco in the 15-year NFL season, Philadelphia Eagle, Dallas Cowboy, Buffalo, and Cincinnati Tiger. He completed a total of 1078 battles to get 153 times. Owens retired after the 2010 season, the tiger is the last team that he is effective. In the third year of the selected qualification, he was selected as a celebrity hall.

For Jay Grudeen, Jay Gruden, who has been surrendered by St. Louis Ram 24-0, which has caused a lot of fans, and he needs to find a solution to the problem in the shortest possible time. The current top priority is still a quarter-saving candidate. Grunette said: “We must find that person, the person who can lead the offensive group. Griffin previous performances can not satisfy us, so he can only wait for opportunities in the replacement. What we need to do now is research Recording, find a solution to the problem. “

Phillips himself is not satisfied with the training performance on Wednesday. “I can express more, I can do more, I have completed a lot of wonderful performance, but I also missed a lot, I need to do more. “

Before the end, McCay 32 times tried to complete 20 times, won the 199 yard, and was killed 6 times while being copied twice. After Griffin played, 4 passed 3 times, and won the 33 yard was killed once. Griffin said: “I don’t know if this is a new opportunity for me. Of course, this is not what I can decide. I can do it as much as possible to help the team win, always prepare, in the ball The team needs me to stand up. “

The red skin encounters the four defensive problems, and the first selection is undecided.The four-defense issues of Washington Hongdi once again triggered, Robert Griffin III did not have a launch in two consecutive weeks. However, the original first four-dimensional Bath-McCoque is injured in the second half, which gives Griffin’s chance to debut. According to the latest news, McCay will accept the admission to further examine, and whether the next week will be doubtful.

Famous Hall outside Treier Owens refused to participate in the selected ceremony The outer handleTrell Owens (Terrell Owens) has publicly rejected invitation to participate in the Vocational Football Hall of August 4th.

In the last three weeks of the regular season, the three national sub-season teams, the lions swallowed a wave of three losses. Thanks to the loss of the last week of Washington, the Lion is tested on the last bus of the playoffs with 9 wins and 6 losses. As the Sixth Seed, the Lion will challenge the National Lianxi District, 10 wins and 5 losses in the season (7 wins and 1 loss of 7 wins at home) this season. The difficulty of defeating the sea eagle is self-evident, but refers to the historical record of the two teams. The life of the lions in the end of the 25-year season is not unoberious.

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