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On the game, LeBron was in the jersey of Manazell. In a week ago, LeBron worked his own twitter in the clothes of “Money Manziel”. And before Zengbang, LeBron, said: “Our brothers wish you good luck @ 泽尔, you are No.1 on Sunday.”

In surgery Hou Kaili may be placed on the injured reserve / return specified list. Kelly must stay on the injured reserve list for 6 weeks to return to the team squad. It is worth noting that the pony backup center Brian – Schwinn grams (Brian Schwenke) currently due to an ankle injury list still will not play because of injury.

To give up too early, Amani Hooker and Corey Davis have brought 22 yards, Anthony Firkser 22 yards, Titan chasing Back for 7 points. Although the front line defensive restrictions on the ground attack of the chief, the corner Titramein passed the ball interference with the brock to send 41 yards, and 12 people in Titan will send 5 yards, which is the case . In the end, Titan has not changed the situation, and the chieftain 35-24 took away the victory.

The 4 MVP winners on the NBA courts fuel in the home of Memulan Branda. According to reports, LeBron and Mande’s economy and their friends, there are also business partners to watch this game of Cincinnati to fight Tiger.

In fact, the disclosure of the stadium is usually used to the Siki, and when he is still a rookie in 2010, he gave Brown’s four-point Wei Jack-Delhummme, and was punished for $ 7,500. In the next season, he pulled down and pushed the tiger quarter-point Wei Di-Dalton was punished for $ 20,000.

Come and see the Viking Fighting Group known as “Purple Green Magic 2.0”, 6 games in the season, Viking only allows the opponents to get 84 points, and the Seattle Hawks column first. Similarly, this season played excellent defensive groups only allowed the opponent to get 279.5 yards, the first column first. The same also happened in the first 6 games, and Viking has successfully created the 16th ball translation of the league, and the first column of the Global Translation of +11. When such a powerful defensive group, face the legs of the legs, don’t know how to make a few rounds?

[Event Review] US Union final: Chief 35-24 advance into the super bowlThe United Jewel team advanced into the Super Bowl will decide in this game. The residents of the Decisive Titani have met in the tenth week of the regular season, and Thai Tan is won by the closure free kick 35-32. In the past two playoffs, Drickn, Derrick Henry, will be the focus of the chief, and the Patrick Mahomes of the Emirates. Patrick Mahomes will not relax Titan. .

Team coach Chuck – Pagano (Chuck Pagano) on Thursday told reporters center Ryan – Kelly (Ryan Kelly) will accept foot surgery. Kelly foot fracture in training a week ago. He was selected in the first round of last year’s draft and could be the team’s best offensive line player.

Pagano is now very difficult to tap third-line players from the squad to fill the vacancy. He’ll need to find the answer from outside the team. Quarterback Andrew – Clark (Andrew Luck) still take several weeks to return cheap nfl jerseys From china injury will not play list, but when he returns, the colt did not want him after riddled offensive line a living. Colts offensive line last season, let Mubarak captured and killed 41 times, there are two seasons more than 40 times the number of captured and killed in La career five seasons.

Titan offensive efficiency is not high, but there is a chief defensive group to send a gift, and it has become more relaxed: Bashaud Breland’s passed-to-Bashaud Breland’s passwords will directly send the first attack. 321 pounds of Titan offensive Dennis Kelly player array is a legal pickup, Tannel and connected to the connection to complete 1 code. Kelly is the most “heavyweight” player completed in the playoffs, and the big head is also high! However, the chief is not flustered, the army arm of Mahms has been fully completed: he passed the 24 yards, 13 yards, finally with Hill line 20 yards, check up. Titan 3 filed bureau let the chief find a chance, how long does it take? Take a table 1 minute 40 seconds. After advanced to the other side, Mahoms left the left side of the squid 27 yard, 21-17 anti-ratios.

8. Red scitch outside the litter-Fitzgerald, offensive cut off, Andre Smith (leg branch), defensive cut Robert-Kenmdia (Robert Nkemdiche) Foots) and defensive end Markus Golden (knee) injuries require daily observation.

Olsen fractures in the first week of right foot, which is expected to absent four to five weeks. According to this schedule, he is able to return on time, and because he has experienced the same foot fracture last year, he has the experience of returning the game after fracture. The time used by Olsen this year is less than last year, this time is more worse.

Chicago lost its excellent substitute in the last week of the competition, Zern Hoyer. The losers are losing and losing, the bear team is getting closer and closer to the list of the 2017 draft. Although the bear team still makes the fans very disappointing, but cover the rays of the team’s rookie outside Gleonard Freud. This season’s first round of the first round, I made Alon Rogers last week. Freud did not only kill Rogers in a defense, but also successfully created the ball, but successfully grab the ball in the opponent’s end area, completed anant. This is also the first to reach this rookie career game, and he won him 2 kills, and also created a new record of career.

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