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Shepherd is on the sidelines and running back Darren – injured when Sproles (Darren Sproles) confrontation exercises, once the MRI result is torn anterior cruciate ligament, then the Shepherd will no doubt miss the entire 2015 season. Eagles had hope that it can fill Brandon – Boykin (Brandon Boykin) left in the slot left vacant, it seems this year’s show four Jay – Watkins (Jaylen Watkins) is expected to take on this Location. In Sunday’s training, Watkins is the fifth guard in formation as a slot cornerback debut, he said had injured before Shepherd is planned to make two rotations debut in an interview.

The Red Leather Team passes the attack begins to recover. External Entry Dend Den En-Jackson completed 17 yards on the side. The four points Wei Kark-Chesins rushed true, and the passed 15 yards found Pierre – plus. Enter the red area, four files 2, Jamison Crowder, withdrawn from TRE Boston, 8 yards and got the first attack. The only bad news of the Red Leather is close to Jordan Reed. Due to the opponent’s punch, it is directly punished by the main referee. Entering the fourth quarter, Pierre – plus the ball 18 yards, but can’t make up for the 15 yards losses caused by Jordan – Reed, the red skin only gave a play-in-Ting-Hopkins hit 26 Codes, 12: 23, black panther.

Dolphins planned interview Mike – Smith and SalunanMiami dolphins have begun to invest in the new season, and their first step is to find a head coach that can lead the team. The team is currently in Mike Mushan and Washington Red Dragon Primary Coach Mike Shanahan, Www.Londonltd.Com and the former Atlantian Mike Mac-Smith, Mike Smith, is considered to be a priority interview.

Harris was 28 years old, completed 6 CDs last season, and the first place in the column. In the past two years, he completed a total of 9 cases, including the outer card championship, the CD, Drew Brees, completed.

Eagles rookie cornerback injured his right knee ShepherdPhiladelphia Eagles this year’s sixth-round draft pick cornerback in Peja – Shepherd (JaCorey Shepherd) injured his right knee in training on Sunday, the plan an MRI today. According to the Daily News reported that Shepherd is likely to be hurt before knee cruciate ligament.

In addition to the above two, temporary coach – Campbell and the lion defensive coordinator Terry Austin is also the object of the team. According to NFL official website reporters, the front Buffalo Bill coach Doug – Molli Doug Marrone, Anthony Lynn, also in the team’s interview plan.

Jets in the offseason this year and Simeon signed a one-year contract, hoping the former Broncos starting to give biennial Sam – Da Nuode (Sam Darnold) as a qualified substitute and tutor. But Da Nuode due mononucleosis syndrome can not play, Simeon will get the first opportunity, but no injuries can be expected.

In addition, linebacker Jordan – Jenkins (Jordan Jenkins) (lower leg), wide receiver Cornelius de – Thomas (Demaryius Thomas) (knee / hamstring) injury to be restored on a weekly basis, linebacker CJ Mosley (CJ Mosley) (groin) injury to be in units of days to recover.

No recent news came in the case of Gordon. NFL TV Network Reporter Ian Rapople has reported that Gordon’s treatment is good in February and has the opportunity to resume the appearance before the training camp. When we are getting closer and closer to the training camp, we did not get any reports about Gordon in addition to this family.

The patriot signed a 1 year of $ 20.2 million in the offset period and hopes that he may be able to resume the appearance during the 2019 season. All signs of break this year have shown that the Patriot believes that Gordon can be able to be eligible to return to the stadium at some time. In the end, whether Gordon will return depends on his own and alliance office.

On Tuesday, US time, the Jets coach Adam – Gass (Adam Gase) announced that Trevor – Simeon (Trevor Siemian) a serious ankle injury for the season. According to NFL Network correspondent reported that Simeon would accept ligament surgery after swelling.

The Leopard team of the scene is first attacking, and the first pass of Cam Newton This game found unmanned proximal sharp-Olsen and won 31 yards. External hand TED GINN JR. also shorted 18 yards, then playing the Graham Gano hits 35 yards, black panther 3: 0 Hongki. After the Hongyou team is out of the game, the black panthar team offensive again. Kam – Newton was hit by Ryan Kerrigan after passing the ball, but it didn’t seem to have a big problem, and then the black panthar team left out. Kirk Couns Kirk Cousins ​​takes over the Middle Field Line, Deene Jackson, pushes 23 yards, gave the play-in-Ting-Hopkins ( Dustin Hopkins hits 43 yodi to the opportunity, Hongki 3: 3 panther.

The Red Leather in the second half attacked. The first half of the competition, the black panther defensive end Wes Horton pushes the red skin close-up, and Kirk Coss is killed, and forced it to the ball. The black panther team gets the right place on the 1-yard line, and Mike Tolbert is a short conversion of Newton 1, the black panther 20: 9 leads the red skin. Since then, the two teams will give up and kick. The black panther attack, Caman Buffton rushed to the near-end Ed Dickson (Dickson), Dickson, and Dickson. Playing the ball to latham – Ganobold 23 yards, the score becomes 23: 9.

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