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Kam – Qusler two insurance blocksThe National Federal semi-final Seattle Hawks have over 31 to 17, and the biggest highlight of the game is not the four-point guards of the two teams, but the safety of the Hawks. Kam Chancellor.

Brown four-point Wei Maikane is difficult to survey, Manze is investigatedCleveland Brown is going to fight against Arizona in the 8th week of Josh McCown. This old quarter-breakfast was injured in the game on Sundi Louis ram, did not participate in Wednesday training. Brown coach Mike Mike Pettine told reporters that McAn is now difficult to continue to participate in training.

After the Cardinals 24 to 20 victory over the Hawks, Jefferson was driving on the road from the University of Phoenix Stadium home, he decided to think about it in the street. He said in an interview with ESPN he was “totally do not remember played the game. I remember just driving time from the start, then I parked on the roadside for 30 minutes. I ask myself what happened, what I I can not remember, a little scary. “

“I do not want to make any excuses for his performance,” he told local media. “I think everyone in this league will play through the pain. It’s just part of the job.” Graham said a shoulder injury, “is like a battle every week. When you’re trying to stay healthy when such a thing will happen . “

As the NFL’s official website reporter Chris – Veselin (Chris Wesseling) pointed out earlier this month, Graham over the past two seasons severely limited by injuries, which affected his ability to complete the attack. Over the past two years when he was healthy, Graham averaged made 8 catches, 104 yards 1 touchdown. But in the 2013 season by plantar fascia injury and shoulder injuries this season, when he slipped to the data averaging 4.5 catches, made 52 yards and 0.8 touchdowns. Game left in the 2014 season, when Graham made 79 catches, 835 yards 10 touchdowns. He still entered the Pro Bowl, but these data to be less than last year, much less than his personal standards.

The New York Giants announced that it cuts off the defensive end Mathuka (Mathias Kiwanuka). The 31-year-old base Wannuka has spent the giant, and helping the team get a super bowl of championship 2 times.

Jimmy – Graham admitted that every game being troubled by a shoulder injuryNew Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy – Graham (Jimmy Graham) Friday acknowledged his right shoulder injury affected his performance this season. The player also said he might accept a magnetic resonance imaging examination to determine whether they need to undergo surgery in the offseason after the end of the last game of the regular season.

Cardinals security guard concussion has forgotten already played gamesArizona Cardinals safety guard Tony – Jefferson (Tony Jefferson) suffered a concussion last week against the Philadelphia Eagles in the game, but more serious is he even forgot they played the game.

In this 9 years, the location of Kaswanka has been moved back and forth between defensive ends and Visit Homepage outside. “Massias has the spirit of warriors,” General Manager Jerry Lis said. “For the team, he has always been the best team player. From the first day of the team, it is a real professional player.” And the head coach Tom Coflin said. “He has always impressed a deep thing is his serious attitude towards the game. He has been preparing for fullness, has always been very good, and he has a tenacious spirit. His character and professional spirit will have been kept in mind. “

The security guard to win the game against the Hawks in a team-high number of tackles, not sure when he suffered a concussion, but the game did not reply to evoke his memory. He said: “I went home and watched the game video on iPad is just like watching cars that drive themselves as very strange.”

The defensive end was placed in the injury reserve due to the knee injury after 11 games last season. He has previously obtained 28 擒 2.5 times in the 558th. Baswanuka last season performance has been substantially returned before being injured by the knee injury.

Monday morning he was diagnosed suffered a concussion, then break Tuesday, Wednesday did not participate in training. Thursday, he passed the NFL concussion protocol, which means the lifting of the concussion, can compete with the Dallas Cowboys. He said they would play, but admitted that he was not acting hastily. He said: “This is your brain in some cases the feedback I will not let things turned out, I just wanted to see what the doctors say, but I feel okay..”

McAn ‘s injury means that the Subtock 4-point guardian-Manzie is the first in training. However, at the same time, while being prepared in Memag, his field wind wave has nothing to do, NFL broke the newspaper Ian Rapople reported that Manzel on October 12th high-speed road and women A friend’s accident has seen NFL investigators on Wednesday.

La Potter also said, although this survey occurred, Cleveland almost impossible to let Manze be played. Brown has experienced two-game losing, and the record came to 2 wins and 5 losses, the third place in the United States.

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