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Lightning runs to Gordon: I feel that the quarter-saving sanlius will join the Pony.

For the ventricular four-point guards that will leave Los Angeles lightning, there is not much sales in his potential.

However, in the view of Melvin Gordon, who has worked with Rivers, Melvin Gordon, has a team to sign the possibility of Rivers in Rivers. He believes that this team is a primary, but it is clear that he doesn’t have insider messages.

“I think he will join the Pony,” Gordon said. “I don’t know, this is just my idea.”

Gordon, which is also a wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping player, is not blind. He said that the Pony Jiji Coordinator Nick Srianni has previously been a 5-year assistant coach in lightning. The relationship between Rivers and wholesale nfl jerseys online Sliani can make the former easily transition to the pony from a 16-season lightning.

“He has (contact),” Gordon said. “Nick … he comes here, he has played for us. He is the offense coordinator there. They use the same tactical ideas, so this will be easy, he can successfully join the team and tell others what to do He already knows what you need to do. “

Gordon also said that Xiao Ma is Frank Reich, also has a contact with Lifes, which served as a lightning quarter-off coach in 2013, served as a lightning offensive coordinator in 2014-2015. Under Lake, Rivers played the best performance.

The relationship between the Rivers and the Pony coach will make the pony into a reasonable. Pony can also provide a outstanding offensive front line for Rivers.

Despite the contract of Pony four-point Jaca-Briste (Jacoby Brisset), the team management may think that the former with an undulating from the previous season, Rivers can upgrade Quadrant position. If Pony decided to sign a new quarter-off, Rivers is a reasonable choice.

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