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During the first week of the training camp, the starting line Wei Mike Wilson (Mack Wilson) was absent due to excessive lack of knees. The current Brown is still waiting for his knee to swell. Active news is that Wilson may not need to receive surgery.

During the recovery of Wilson, Brown will rely on the experience and ability of His. Smith was 31 years old this year, completed 10 hugs in the Super Bowl competition of the Haiying 43-8, cheap nfl jerseys and took the ball at a time, once a copy of the attack, and because such eye-catching data acquired MVP.

The red skin retains the successful offensive lineup of last season during the offset season, and even strengthens. The quarter-bit Kirk Cancez played outstanding last seasons, and the rest of the break is also signed, and the new season will also use practical actions to prove whether to match the top quarter-level contract. . The close-end Feng Jordan-Riddles played very well last season, is the favorite pass target of Cances; at the same time, the external hand of Det Shan Jackson will continue to provide more passage to Cances. . And the first round of the first round in this year’s draft conference will also accumulate depth. After Alfred-Morris, the second-year running Matt-Jones will assume the banner of the red-skinned pavement attack, this season from Florida University, will usher in this season. Test.

Despite the coach Jason Garrett, he must ensure that the team will continue to win. Nearly join the team’s defensive end Michael Bennett also has the same idea. The loss of the biopsy made him a fierce closed speech on the team’s locker room, and his voice sounded to the journalist who even the dressing.

2016 New season, the first week of Tuesday, Tuesday, 1.0: Steel Man @ 红皮The two attack strong teams will meet in the first day of the season. Last season, the steel man was in the injury, but also entered the playoffs, and a little bit did a little bit of the later super bowl of champion Danfo wild horse. At the beginning of the new season, the steel man still failed to completely solve the problem of lineup, and he was a little fierce in Washington. Confused red skin, under the lending of Kirk Casins last season, played a rare football, and finally successfully killed the country Liandong District and broke into the playoffs. Red leather in the snipkon is reinforced against the weak links of lineup, and the new season will continue to have a big big in the country.

The red-skinned defensive group is indeed fine compared to the steel man. Their defensive frontline 7 people are estimated to be in the league. In the course of the offline, several old people on the line were taken, the red skin next season was greatly affected. The defensive frontcourt combination of Ryan-Kail Gan will be greatly tested in the new season. Due to Josh Norman’s arrival, the red skin’s defensive lattice is much more attention, this is an extremely excellent angular guard to provide more points last season. The new season will be directly confrontation with Xiao Beckham, and the two people will become one of the biggest points of red skin this year.

“The champion will be remembered,” Bentet said when he was asked and said to his teammates. “They don’t remember who get the biggest contract. Many great players got a big contract, but they won’t be remembered as a champion. The champion is a person who gets the gold cup and jacket. They understand what to win. This is a mentality This is a strong ability to play in a difficult situation. “

When Daniel obviously impossible to have the opportunity to compete, the eagle cut him. The eagle is still 5 million US dollars to ensure that the salary is not paid to Daniel, and the Saint will give him a salary.

The steel man’s defensive group seems to have some cold acid, and more attention is still concentrated on the defensive line, and the combination of Camelon, Haield and Stephen – Tuit, last season brought a small surprise. . However, Lawrence Timus and Ryan-Shazl’s internal line combination still needs to make contributions in the anti-transmission, and Shazl has a lot of progress space, but I think Tmons is indeed a little high. . In addition, the first round of the first round of the first round, the shortcomings of Xinxing Bad Duppi will also bring the steel man to the talent array. The defensive backplane is still the biggest problem of the steel man’s defensive group, but last year’s two-wheeled Xiuzenquez-Gullsen’s return may bring some elements of the steel man’s backfinder.

Due to the main course of Levian-Bell banned, the Testained Pittsburgh steel man who was injured last season was still unable to attack the trident in the first week of the new season. And the new season of Mattevis Brines has not been over, although Antonio-Brown is the most peak of career, but the steel person’s offensive group wants to go farther, with horse Other outer junctions headed by Kus – Witten should add one. The strong offensive front line will be returned again in the new season, this is the strongest offensive front line in the United States of America will protect “big book”, and initiate an impact on the annual code king!

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