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Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared – Gough (Jared Goff) became the National League Offensive Player of months. In playing 38-31 victory over the Minnesota Vikings game 33 passes he made 26 successful a career-high 465 yards 5 touchdowns, his quarterback rating of 158.3 is also a career best.

After Tennessee Titan Mikey, Mike Mulakey, McCaniel is considered to be more inclined to join Titan, he will be here and the old friend of the general manager Jon Robinson, and It is also possible to coach potential Markus Marcus Mariota. But McCaniels and Pony Chris Ballard were closely related.

Peterson said: “The report released by Nfl Jerseys said that I was inaccurate. Friday Gude’s office asked if I attend & lsquo; discipline hearing & rsquo;, after consulting the union, I learned this so-called & lsquo; discipline hearing; Will be a new place, inconsistent with the “Collective Negotiation Agreement”. On Tuesday, Third, Fourth Trade Union is in the essence of “Discipline hearing & rsquo;”, the way, attendance, and alliance office, letter And dialogue. We have repeatedly asked the league to reply to us as soon as possible, because I want to return to the venue. But until the league of Wednesday, but I didn’t answer anything about & rsquo; discipline hearing & rsquo; problem. “

Haiying coach: May sign back, Yood-Gordon paying attention to Antonio – BrownAfter introducing the big player of Safety Wei Jiamal-Adams (Jamal Adams), the Seattle Hawk is still possible to sign other big players.

Assassinist coach: will establish a defenseJack Del Rio Jack Del Rio expects the team’s defensive group to grow one of the most dominant defensive groups of the Alliance. Last week Khalil Mack completed 5 kills, let the fans began to pay attention to the growth of this young team.

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick – Macho James (Patrick Mahomes) was named the Offensive Player of the American League month. He played in dazzling play Monday night race. In the case of the fourth quarter behind 10 points, the second-year player led the team to complete the array of arrival 2 attack. He demonstrated outside the protective net quarterback precise passing ability amazing pass rate. He made 192 yards passing quarterback outside the safety net in the last game, all the quarterback is 10 years in most.

Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt (J.J. Watt) became the American League Defensive Player of the Month. In the game against the New York Giants, he completed three sacks. While playing the game against the Indianapolis Colts in his sack 2 is completed, wherein the sack comprises a pony 5 yards line leads off the ball. The defensive help Texans offensive group to occupy a favorable position and then get touchdowns. Can any doubt as to restore the status of the injured advance reimbursement may be laid to rest in Watts for two seasons.

Emirates and Quartem Mahms for 10 years of $ 5003 million contractsUS time is reported on Monday, according to ESPN reporters, the chieftain will renew the quarter from the quartermos. The contract salary of $ 5003 million, of which approximately $ 477 million has a provision of security. The remaining $ 25 million is incentive clause. Since 2022, each time I win the United States championship or win the league MVP, Mahms can get a $ 1.25 million bonuses.

“This is not what we can control,” Carol said. “Johshi is really good for us. He integrates into the team very well. He became a team, not only because of our welcoming, but also because he adapts to the team environment. So we are very acceptable Sign back to his thoughts, we will wait and see what happens. I don’t know. I can’t tell you what happens in this matter. “

In addition, coaching pony makes McCaniels have the opportunity to coach Andrew Luck. If the Lak status is recovered, then McDaniel can work with a young quarter-free cooperation that still has a chance to play the celebrity level. The entire lineup of the pony needs to be reinforced, but Brad is active in reinforcement, he will be a pair of McDaniels a pair of attention.

In the 2018 season, Mahmus passed the ball to 50 times, advanced 5097 yards, that year, he first served as a full-time. In 2017, he was selected by the Emirates, but most of the rookie seasons gave Alex Smith as a replacement, only in the unrelated regular colors.

Mahmos is 24 years old and is the 54th Super Bowl MVP, and also 2018 regular match MVP. He is the first player of the League in a super bowl before the age of 25, and the regular game of MVP. He brought the fourth quarter to win in the super bowl. 42 passes in the audience completed 26 times, advanced 286 yards, reached 3 times (2 passes, 1 shot), was copied twice. He is also Tom Brady and Terry Bradshaw, and the third multi-copy player who won the super bowl of MVP.

This will let Mahmes have been in the Emirates until the end of the 2031 season, and the chief has already implemented the fifth year of the rookie contract of Marhms. His original contract has 27.7.6 million US dollars: 2020 season, $ 2.48 million in 2021. His contract will surpass Mike Trout, become the biggest contract in the history of North American sports.

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