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Redke was previously interviewed, and the wild horse finally won the two teams. The wild horse is currently running guards Kutis Modkins 2013-2015 once coached in the lion, and the Redke is an old acquaintance.

Redick was cut off on weekends last weekend, although the main shot of double energy, but his scorpion efficiency is not too high. Career 6 years, Redke is 288 times, advance 1023 yards, reaching 5 times. In terms of catching, 285 times were completed, and 2238 yards were promoted, reaching 14 times. Last season, Redick was almost used by the lions as a ball, and finally reached the point where the defensive side will be retrieved. During the end of the lion, Redick also had a problem of getting off.

When McCoo called his team doctor after completing the first Dalun, according to NFL depth reporter Jeff Darlington reported that McCay’s X-ray examination, the result is not too bad, he tonight Will not play again. The Eagle has not come to celebrate that Dao, this bad news will pass back.

Eagle All-Star Run Weishi Takai is injuredAt the first section of Philadelphia Eagle and Pittsburgh Steelman Competition, the eagle all star ran Wei Leon-McCoo McCoy has been sent to the hospital to do X-ray examination, and the results seem to be optimistic.

Deni Line Shuen – Sen Lee (leg teen) is expected to play. Diagonal Collins (La & Rsquo; El Collins) (back), External Bryler (Foot), Defense David – Europe (David Irving) (Brain Shock), Corner orlando – Skandrick (Back) and the Tyron Smith (back) are listed as unable to determine possible.

According to NFL NetWork reporter Tom Pelissero, Collins did not need to receive surgery. Joining him to the injury reserve is a way to provide more recovery time. Collins will become a restricted free player in March, then his feet should have been fully recovered.

For Drake, which will become a free player after the end of the season, joining Jinsuri’s offensive group is a good news. In the 4 years of dolphins, he is always unused. Recently, dolphins have chosen between his and Mark Walton.

Justin Pugh (back) will not play. Corner Eli Apple (Hip, Back), Run Dowans Darkwa (Sick Dive), Defensive Didwangger Jason – Pierre-Paul (Jason Pierre-Paul) Fingers), Sterling Shepard (Legs) and Diffus Chad Wheeler (brain shock) are unable to determine possible.

Corylin said that it missed the entire preseason and the external game of the previous four games due to the injury of the leg glute. Odell Beckham. Beckham health returns and has become a popular person, and finally earned the best offensive new show.

Cauffen’s interview is very clear: Giants are willing to let Cruz slowly, rather than risking him back to the court and withstanding the risk of injury recurrence. “You can’t let him go directly,” Cabin said. “He will slowly recover yourself.”

Packaging Wires, Nick Perry (Foot, Shoulder) and defensive Dial Quinton – Dell (chest, knees) unable to determine possible. Namitri-demetri goodson (leg bib) will not play, and Davon House (shoulder) is doubtful.

The red scitch will face 49 people in San Francisco this week, lack of rest, Cheap Jerseys let the ramp are more snowing. Zucker Joined the team last week was the only healthy running guard who got the play time after Ademonds injured. D.j. Foster (D. J. Foster) is also troubled by injuries, while Alfred Morris fails to enter the list.

The position of the saga running guard was injured. David Johnson, due to an incidental presence of the new Orleans Saint, and he expected at least one week. Chat – Admonds is on the game, the legs are injured, and only 30 sets of attacks. After the end of the competition, Kliff Kingsbury, said Kliff Kingsbury, said it is really worried that Admitz legburbs will make him absent the game.

The New York Giants Tom Coughlin revealed that Cruz recovery in the NFL annual meeting, and he torn in the sixth week of the last season. Cruz started running in the giant training base last week, Cabflin said that this take-off “It is really good, it is easy.”

The crow takes over Jeremy Maclin (back), striker Jeermaine Eluemunor (shoulder) and line guards CJ-Mosley (CJ Mosley) cannot determine possible possible . Line Weavazadaris – Smith (Darius Smith) (shoulder) is doubtful.

“I think he will return to the previous state, I hope to be better,” Cabflin said to the media. “But so far, I want to be good. I hope he can go to the field in the regular season. But if he can’t do it, we have encountered the player can’t play. We still come over.”

Beckham and Health Cruze will make the giant one of the best external connections in the alliance. The problem is whether the 28-year-old Cruz can still revert it to the previous state after encountering one of the most serious knee injuries that may encounter.

[Everyday NFL] Section 14 Weekly Federation Injury ReportThe ADRIAN Peterson (neck) of Adrian Peterson (neck) will be lacked for the second consecutive week. Herwynn Williams assumed most of his work, 16 shots were 97 yards. External 3 John Brown (John Brown) is also unable to play.

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