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The Chicago Bear team has black and white two bear Bryan, Errah and Lans Britgs, and the current black leopard leader is also two line guards, “Black Leopard” Thomas Davis and “Money Leopard” Luke – Chikli, Davis is not only staring on the defense skills, but he can also raise the four-point guard, never fearful and opponents spray trash and a dry stand, in addition to the influence of the field, he is taken up in the dressing room, Can stay in the field. The base is quiet, as the best mid-range guard of the league, he still opens the most ordinary car, leave the most common hairstyle, and encourage teammates like a hair dryer, and immediately returned to his own foreign road. . Rivira has these two leaders sitting in the town, and the defensive group is more uncomfortable. This year’s first round of Xiu Squs seems to have excellent teachers.

This is the first time for the judges for the specific location of the offensive front, the flexible position of the offensive group, the fifth defensive guard, abandoned back to the attack on the enemy, and the special group player.

The 31-year-old Yan Da entered the contract year. Last season he is the highest attack front line player with professional football focus network. Yan Da has been considered a stable pass to cover players and rude running players. He has been selected in a career bowl in the past four seasons.

Texas people will be near the end Koli-Lee trading to the bear teamHoustown Dexas people announced near the Termali-Lee trading to the Chicago bear on Wednesday, exchanged a 6-year-old 2017. In addition, Texas also cut off another close-end Brumb-Anner (Blake Annen).

Beckham many times in the game, and the Panthers cornerback Josh – Norman (Josh Norman) intertwined, he was whistled for four fouls in total, including three personal fouls lawlessness. Wholesale nfl jerseys vice president in charge of refereeing Dean – Blandino (Dean Blandino) said on Tuesday that the referee did not even David Beckham sent off, his behavior in the game can actually make him sent off.

Yan Dharda selected in the third round in 2007 is the third long player in the current stage. “I am looking forward to inheriting the great tradition of Baltimo Crow.” Yan Da said. “I hope I can end your career in the crow.”

Crow and the first striker relent of about 4 yearsBaltimo Collusa announced that they have been with the career bowl Marshal – Marshal Yanda for 4 years. According to inferior ADAM SCHEFTER, this contract is $ 32 million, including $ 1.7.8 million security income.

Wide receiver David Beckham appeal was dismissed maintain suspensionsAlliance announced after Wednesday’s appeal, it will remain outside the New York Giants to take over Odell – David Beckham (Odell Beckham) 1-game suspension penalties.

Finally, the pirate coach Lovi-Smith is a member of the front of the world’s collected bear team, this season, the season, Tirman and Jeree, Allen, have some tiger mouth tooth. In addition, plus Rivirahe and mainstaline front-edge Greg-Olsen, the older older in Towa is the old counseling of the bear, and the crow and pirates of the relationship in this season and the bear team are not very good. The black panther can maintain a full victory, thinking that it is difficult to find it.

Line guards: Lorenzo Alexander, Buffalo, Luke Kuechly, Carolina Black Leopard, Ravonte David, Tampawan Pirate, CJ Mosley, Baltimo Crow, Zach, Zach Brown, Buffalo, Zakari Orr (Zachary Orr), Baltimo Crow, Alik Agot Alec Ogletree, Los Angeles Ram, East Pagoda – Heili (Dont & # 39; A Hightower), New England Patriots, Whitney Mercilus, Houston Texas, Benadri Gram – McKinney, Houston Texas

Obviously the cowboy does not buy it, according to the news revealed that the denim management group believes this is Bryant’s bluff. Message: “Cowbger does not provide a long contract, which is worth $ 20 million. And Cowboys believe that Bryant’s absence is a bluff, and cowboy believes that Brines is obviously economical.”

If the NFL game is online game, then the black leopard defensive group sounds on numerical explosions, Luke – Chikli, Sta-Lotle, Charles – Johnson, Thomas – Davis, etc. The data of the black panther defensive group should be excellent, it is true, and they have lost 18.8 points (League 6), and 337.6 yards (League 7), the anti-transmission field is lost 241.0 yards (League 15) The anti-junction is lost 96.6 yards (Union 11).

The Chicago Bear is currently competitive in the near-end front. It is currently registered with Martellus Bennett, Bell Pask (Bear Pacoe), Zach – Miller (Zach Miller) and Dante Rosario, etc. players. However, because the bear team is currently not good at the near-end of the ball, Li still has a small opportunity to stay in the final list. Lanc Zierlein, once took Li Bi, Donal (Larry Donell, Giants).

Outside the star wide receiver since the 35-38 loss to the Carolina Panthers play the game the players repeatedly violated safety regulations and was suspended, he will miss the end face Minnesota Vikings game.

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