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This time, the NFL caravan activity has its highlights & mdash; & mdash; the ultimate experience in the car, the fans can enter the mysterious caravan to participate in the shock experience in the mysterious caravan, let you feel the real football The charm is located.

Bolfote’s spotted weaknesses will certainly become a basis for making punishments. After repeated violation of the safety-related regulations, he was banned from the beginning of this season. He was fined four times due to violation of the provisions last season.

The most popular link on the scene is the equipment experience, and the fans of each age group are interested in wearing professional NFL equipment and helmets to take photos. The fans put on the equipment are so strong.

Carol response to the offensive group performance is that the team needs more polishes in the next season, so that the opponent will lose their attention, and have to put the attention in the defenders instead of the Cover 2 formation limit.

Judging from all signs, although O’Brien insisted that the choice did not make a choice, Hoyel occupied the advantage. But O’Brien believes that Malat has a better physical condition, he hopes that it will be able to leave a good impression once again.

Gould said in a statement written to local media: “Adam Gase did not tell the truth, his decision is very bad, and also losses the team’s victory opportunity. He has been attacking my customers. Health, this is unacceptable. Parker is not only completely healthy, but also hopes to help the team win. People should ask only one thing: How does the Gates coach do nothing to do? The team is currently only 6.1 They need to activate Parker. His health is not a problem, participated in all training and warm-up in the morning. Some things in Miami are emitting stinks. “

“They all have leaders, they are very smart,” said O’Brien. “So, this is the competition of the field of the field. As I said, we will make a decision at some point. We will choose one person as the first season of the new season. Another person needs to be prepared. We have four quarters last year. Over the field, so you will never know, but we can only let a person play a person once. So, we will eventually choose a person and let him start. “

Texas people coach: the first four-point guards “to the enemy”The first quarter-off competition in Buffalo, looked at the dust in this preseason, and everyone’s attention will turn to the next first quarter-off competition: Houston Texas will be in the second season. In the face of Denver wild horses in the front.

Regardless of whether Bolkot is intended to hurt the Note, this impact is unnecessary and is not related to the ongoing attack. In the health and safety of players, they have become the mood of the Focus today, and the players who have not changed them frequently like Bolbert can’t wash suspicion.

“Challenge Quad Swarf” is to make the fans, serve as the four-point guard, to the target “pick-up hand”, seemingly simple game, need to work with the hand, want to be accurate, the goal is not easy, think Don’t you want to challenge?

Mike can be said to be Brown’s most important offensive front line player outside Joe Thomas. As the top center of the league, Mike has never lacking any one-end attack since 2009, until he is injured, Mike has The amazing 5592 offense appeared continuously. His injury can be said to be a heavy blow to Brown. Mike won +17.3 and +19.3 from the 2012 season and 2013 season, Mike, this year, his state is still excellent. The total comment of the top six games is +6.9, which is the third high in all center. And he only allows the other party to compress the four-point guard, and the transfer of passage is the first place.

The NFL Caravan event will be held in 13 cities in China, bringing the United States to you to you, igniting the enthusiasm of NFL. This NFL caravan activity was sponsored by Ford Automobile, iQiyi, Ph.D., Nike. For more exciting content, please pay attention to NFL China’s official website and NFL China official Weibo, WeChat platform.

NFL Knowledge Q & A Question The fans have the degree of understanding of NFL, and the fans who answer questions have obtained Wilson genuine football, and the big screen is also played a series of fun vivid NFL knowledge short films, bringing you to NFL world.

Mike’s reimbursement will be a heavy blow to BrownIn the competition of Brown, Cliffland Brown and Pittsburgh, Brown Star Macquard Alex Mike was injured in the blocked legs, and immediately quited the game. On this Saturday, Brown announced that Mike will put Mackee reserves, which means that Mac this season has been reimbursed.

Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that the Alliance was investigating Bolkot in the new England Patriots 35-17 defeated Cincinnati Mason’s competition in Baberkote hit the patriot nearby The behavior of the Martellus Bennett.

With the reimbursement of Mike, John Greco will be moved to the first center, the first right strike is on top of Paul McQuistan. Last year, McKostan was in the Hawks. The total score was only poor -25.3 points. He got the other party to get 8 kills, 6 hit four-defense and 23 persecution four-dimensional fast shot.

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