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Bears running back Cohen: Quarterback Falls soon everyone was surprisedChicago Bears in the offseason trade for this year Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Nick – Falls (Nick Foles) decision to allow running back Tariq – Cohen (Tarik Cohen) unexpected.

Patriot fans want to pay for the team to pay finesA new England Cheap jerseys fans seem to be very unhappy, because the team’s quartz Tom Brady is punished because of the air door, he also believes that he can fund the team in the folk funds 100 A fine of Wan Ganjin.

Bear trust anti-defending line player RatrilifAfensive Front Player Jeri Mi Ratriliff (Jeremy Ratliff) Chicago Bear Career has ended. In the past three seasons, he only came to the team 17 times. On Tuesday, the team announced that he contained him, the reason was that the general manager of Ratrili and the team had a quarrel. Subsequently, the bear team announced that the front Pittsburgh’s first round of Shi Qi Qi Hu De (Ziggy Hood) entered the big list.

“As for Nick – Falls join the team, which makes us all shocked,” Cohen said. “But for me, I feel so shocked like & lsquo; Oh great, now each of us will play the best performance of the & rsquo;. As coach (Matt -) within Kyrgyzstan (Matt Nagy) said , & lsquo; & rsquo ;, competition breeds success I love this sentence when my twin brother growing up, we always compete everything so I feel it’s like the ranks of two brothers now competing for a position… they have to work hard to win the competition. “

In the last season, dolphins anti-commissioned help them burst into a new England patriot. In the third-grade corner Weizevan-Howard, Xavien Howard showed the potential of the closed corner, plus Fitz Patrick, McCain and professional bowl safety Wei Zhad Jones, Dolphin second-line defense will continue.

Ravens running back is a veteran of the minimum price of $ 730,000 annual salary to sign Rufusaite of. When Fu Saite is checked into the Ravens before Les 2 match ban we should not expect him to return so well, but now they will consider the fate of the issue Houfusaite this season.

As early as 2012, Ratrili had an explosive conflict in Jerry Jones, Dallas, Darlas. The 34-year-old veteran will be banned this season, and in the past two weeks. The bear team will be more dependent on Will Sutton, Jarvis Jenkins, and Xiu Eddie – EDDIE GOLDMAN.

“Nick and previously worked in the Kyrgyzstan coach, I feel how much he knew some offense, he dared to ask questions, and have let themselves in the role of quarterback, the team has already begun and everyone’s relationship,” Cohen said.

Ryan Pace, general manager of the bear, said: “I think the team is the best choice for the team, and Jeremy is the best choice. We thank him for the contribution to the team, hoping his future Everything goes well. We feel very excited about Huude’s joining. “

In an interview with reporters on the issue Fusai Te Kubiak, he said: “I watched him enter the professional league, he was just playing in some short time, and a lot of bench players did not get as many chances but I believe it. when they get the chance, they would show their strength Fusai Te is John – Haber (John Harbaugh) and the team wanted this man, I think this is after I came to the Ravens this time to be able to Hubble given the highest rating Fusai Te individual. I understand the contribution Fu Saite give the team, including the performance of special teams. he made me feel very proud, he is very suitable for the Ravens, all of his all very satisfied.”

So he wrote the following announcement: “We obviously know that we can’t raise $ 1 million, but we think that punishment is a dog, we just want to do our best, so we will help patriotism, no matter whether it is punishment or banned. By!”

Regardless of whether the Ravens can win the American League North partitions first name, Kubiyaka has given the team left a deep impression. Ravens offense last season ranked 29th in the league, and now ranked No. 8. This time, perhaps Kubiyaka in looking for a new coach job, if the Ravens do not continue Yuefusaite, there is no doubt in Houfusaite season will follow Kubiyaka go to a new team.

Fusai Te quietly become one of the best running back nowWhen Justin – when Fusai Te (Justin Forsett) was signed by the Baltimore Ravens, people just think he is a mine – was suspended for a period of rotation of Rice (Ray Rice) only. And after six weeks sped by, Fu Saite has quietly become the league’s top five running back.

Fu Saite had appreciated his team’s head coach at Texas Kubiyaka (Kubiak), as is now the Ravens offensive coordinator Kubiyaka offseason gave me the opportunity Fu Saite continuation of his career. And now, Kubiyaka but should contribute Xiefusaite sense, in the sense Xiefusaite Ravens and when he most needed to make, especially in Bernard – Injured Pierce (Bernard Pierce) and the performance is not ideal when.

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