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Randri said in an interview: “The rehabilitation process is progressing well, just because the current situation is unable to carry out some training & hellip; & hellip; this is the most difficult part.”

Watt talks about the new show: here is not a universityJ. J. J. J. Watt and Tennesi Titan’s rookie quartz Zach Mettenberger has completed the beams before the game. Earlier this week, Magotan Burg shouted a Selfie to the Internet, this move made Watt felt unfortunate. In the end, the competition between the two sides was wins all the victory in Houston Texas, and the game was completed 2 times in the game, and it was the best in the defending group.

It is easy to forget how excellent players in the Seattle Eagle after the end of Tennes West Titan and Indianapolis. He three degrees selected for professional bowls, led the sea eagle to enter the super bowl in the 2005 season but eventually lost from Pittsburgh steel.

The new crown epidemic also forced Landri to stay in the home for some rehabilitation procedures. He said: “I have a very serious treatment. I need to protect my family, protect myself, protect the people I love. So I am alone at home It is about a month. “

Del-Rio’s experience in the United States Tiger has proved him with rich experience, and his performance in the wild horse proved that he also has its own unique understanding of defensive tactics. Del-Rio born in the East Coast is respected in the alliance, and the raid can be discussed with him after the season.

The raid people have a new goal: the wild horse defensive coordinatorAuckland raids have always been plagued by the team’s head of the team. This will also become a big event after the season. Recently, there is a rumor showing Jim Harbaugh, San Francisco (Jim Harbaugh), is the first choice for the raid, and the team plans to contact this design after the season. Another name that has been contacted with the raid is Jon Gruden, but it seems that he is not too interesting to reap out the rivers and lakes.

Brown’s external handlande said that the recovery progress has been exceededUS time Wednesday, Brown took over Jarvis Landry, said that the recovery progress after his hips has “exceeded”. Due to the influence of new crown epidemics, Landri can’t carry out too many training, and now his goal is to return to the stadium in August.

In the face of major events such as the chos, any team needs to be prepared. If Hubble can’t be like the raid, the next goal of the team will be the next goal of the team, the next goal of the team will be Denver Musa-Rio (Jake del Rio). Del Rio served as Jacksonville’s coach during the 2003-200, and his extensive experience is one of the reasons why it is attached to the raid.

Packaging workers will be absent this week The situation of Davante Adams is not optimistic. Local time Saturday, the team announced the latest injuries report, Adams and the Morgan Burnett were listed as “difficult”. This also means that this two members are likely to absent this week.

Adams took an ankle injury in advance in the last week, and did not participate in any training this week. This week’s bags are 49 people in San Francisco. The coach Mike McCarthy revealed that Adams only “very small” may appear. New Xiu Tai – Ty Montgomery will partner Randall Cobb and James Jones JONES.

When you celebrate one of them, Watt made a Selfie movement to ridicule the two-point guard of the opponent. After the game, Watt said in an interview: “He must realize that this is cheap nfl jerseys From china, not a university. This is a professional competition, welcome to come here.”

Watt this remarks can also be seen as a demonstration. On the one hand, tell the young people not to learn on his site, on the one hand, also reminded all four-point guards in the alliance. Watt said: “I am very serious about each game. If I first send it as a rookie, I will be more cautious, more effort, will focus on the game itself. But now we have won the game, now everything is not It is important. “Watt did have many rare professional literacy, worth all of young people.

Hasel Baker announced his retirement on Wednesday, and he also announced that he would serve as the ESPN guest with his own Give Tim-Haselbeck (Tim Hasselback). Hasselbeck is always very entertaining when players.

Hasselbeck uses its own mobile capabilities, pass forward and randomly strained ability to lead the West Coast of Habig and Shaun Alexander, Walte Jones, Darrell Jackson (Darrell Jackson) ) And Colon Robinson have got a lot. After completing the 6th quarter, after 5 consecutive players, Hasselbeck is one of the best four-point guards that have failed to win the championship in the past decade.

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