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In the new season, Manman is still in the depth of the lineup and is an unknown number. Lightning Games include Kan Nan – Allen, Xiu Mike – Williams, Tyrell Williams, Tel Avis Benjamin And near-end Hunter Hunter Henry and Antonio Gates. The depth of lineup in this position is one of the best in the league.

In the offset period and the lightning signed a 1-year bid contract, he made the best performance in the short career last season. He started all 16 games and achieved the highest 208th ball, 810 yards and 4 times.

Pavement attack tactics, 21 sho at the last season, this season is 33.3 times, the team from the whole league is the least like the pavement attack into the first league, increase the proportion of pavement attack, this is an offensive transformation first step. 62% of the cowboy is a breakthrough from the inside. This is greatly used in Frederick, Martin and the excellent road covering capacity to create simpler and rude offensive opportunities, and Murray is good. The dodgeability, this is complement with the excellent play of the offensive front.

Mark Sanchez will start the first playoffs in the wildernessDespite the lack of Mark Sanchez and Trevor Siemian at the same time, only one person can be in the first battle of the Chicago Bear. Start.

As the only four-point guard in the array, Sanchez gains the first opportunity and is not surprising. However, he did not achieve significant advantages in the training period training. Sanchez has strive to prevent Ximeian and Linqi to take the initiative at the beginning of the regular season.

When everyone is concerned about what RG3 can be like Return of the King to lead the team to play as the performance of the 2012 season, Cousins ​​is at a pace of a year going forward, although easy to send steals problems continues, but he has learned to like a leader, like to lead the team. Gruden Deliberate changes, even also an inevitable compromises, not with so many options for reading complex attack, simply increase the passing attack, and slowly trying to get Cousins ​​to command the overall situation.

49-angle Weiherman: I will apologize to Brown SiwumefieldSan Francisco 49-angle Wei Richard Sherman said that he and the dispute between Baker Baker Baker Mayfield on Wednesday, he may contact the latter and apologize.

Melfield said he never wanted to not respect Shelman on Wednesday Wednesday. “This camera and recording are beneficial to me,” Merfield joked. “I respect him and his performance as a player. He is an excellent player, he has maintained a good time. I can’t want to be like this.”

Quiin’s high order data is more excellent. His compression rate and interference rate are third high in all alliances (at least 200-speed players), wholesale nfl Jerseys with 14% and 17.2% respectively. This proves that the denim transaction gets him a correct decision, even if he only costs 14 games.

Darren Sprtrows’s joining and Zach-Ejs’s rise is another surprise. The eagle is in a wide range of attack routines. The power is shorted. The principle is very simple, the small fly is The most threatened ball attack weapon in the league, an audible Guard’s 31-year-old to create a new high of the career, you can think of how to adapt to the Eagle’s offensive system. How many accidents in Erz, this season lost Jackson, more attaches more about the short pass, then Ejs appeared in such a system, and will always find vacant, and the success of success is not surrendered.

After Quin joined the team, the bear planned to cut off the first first round of Show Way, Wired Floyd. Since the rookie season, the Laynad monarch has never been more than 7 times. He became a free player before his fifth season.

The wild horse announced that Sanchez will serve as the first. He expects to be filled with the first section, and Ximeian will appear in the second quarter. The new show 4 points Bathton-Lynch will play in the second half.

Ximeian’s performance in the rest of the tour allows the coach group impressed. Lynch despite the most unspeakable talents, he needs to make progress in mastering tactical manuals and merchants. However, if Lynch can become a first hair through a strong appearance, it will not be shocked.

Yesterday, Sherman said in an interview that before the start of 49 people 31-3 defeated Brown, Melfield did not shake his hand before throwing the coins, which made a small storm. After this news release, there is a video display in front of the throwing coins, Mefield and Shelman hit the palm, and ran to the field after the referee picked up the coins.

Bad News: Wild Human take over fractures or absents several weeks Denver’s wild horse’s external hand Bennie Fowler will absent a few weeks of competition due to the left elbow fracture of the season.

Fuller has completed 16 battles last season, and the final biography of Penton Manning, including Penton Manning, has always been taken behind the third, and now the team One of the new weapons of Mark Sanchez, Fuller is also a member of the special group.

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