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The Rivers also showed excellent performances in the season, and the passers-by 105.5, and the team entered the playoffs and won the next game. However, the performance of the last season is not satisfactory, the injury problem of offensive front line is on the one hand, the young teenage lacks experience, causing the cover of Rivers that the cover is not as good as the past. His Dagger (23) is still more than being copied (20), but it is obvious than 2018 32-12.

In the Falcon, compared to the recently cut Roddy White, Sanu can upgrade the outer handlocked position, but in the 4 seasons of his effective tiger, Sanu has been in a long time and received Pulling problems troubleshooting. He is best suited to the three external hand character, but his salary is like a high-end secondary.

There may be no copy in Brown career more important than him in the 11th Super Bowl. In the competition, he successfully pressed the opponent Minnesotaviki four-point Wei Fran Tarkenton’s pass, one step in advance, all the way, rushing to reach the zone. The final raid was won with 32-14. When the raids took 16 wins and 1 loss, it was one of the most neglected outstanding teams in history.

49 people take over Gu Dewen win 40 yards sprint contest championJune 30, San Francisco’s 49 people took over, and it was also the Olympic Games, Marquise Goodwin won the 40-yard gold contest, which was defeated in this 40-yard sprint. Other Cheap Nfl Jerseys players.

Wild Morka Wei Turibu: Be ready to participate in training campAfter six weeks of guns in the leg, Denver Yamiwei Aquari-Tarib (AQIB Talib) had some lame, but he plans to participate in the training camp held at the end of this month.

As a branch of the 19 seasons in the corner career, I spent 4 years in Denver’s wild horse, followed by the Auckland raid for 12 years. He has a total of 9 times in a career, and the best lineup is selected 5 times. In 1984, he was selected as a celebration.

The Sanu career is in 2014, at the time he completed 56 games in 13 times to get 790 yards 5 times to Dague & Mdash; & mdash; Jones is reimbursed. Last season, Sanu’s four games were completed 33 clicks but did not reach.

The organizers of this payment watch announced that Gude will receive $ 1 million, and the winner of the two rounds will win the 20,000 yuan bonus, and the third round of the winner will win $ 50,000 bonus. .

Perhaps this contract is too big, but the falcon needs to upgrade the outer hand and one of the best choices on the market. Sanon can have a large number of appearance times and with Hario Jones, Leonard Hankerson, will be taken behind the third.

Chris Ballard, General Manager of Pony, said: “We have signed two years with Jacoby Brissett, and also liked his contribution. It is like a fairy tale & hellip; & hellip; To make a competition, each location is the same. Even the Andrew Luck is a quadrant period, we continue to study this position. Because of the uniqueness of quadrants, competition More important, it is also very important to maintain a certain depth every year. “

Dallas police released the survey report this month, “unknown suspect” injured Tarib. This report also pointed out that the police found a gram of marijuana, but no one was sued. The alliance is also investigating the matter, and Taribab may face a league penalty.

Brown’s career start is not smooth. He joined the Houston oil man in 1963 with a new show in 1963, but later was cut off. In the same year, he joined the Denver wild horse and entered the AFL all-star lineup in the second season. In the end, the wild horse traded him to the raid.

Despite the list of players who have been determined in the event website, I have boiled it last month to take 40 yards for 10,000 US dollars and anyone to make the outside world to pay attention to the New Orleans Saint Outside the New Orleans. (TED GINN) did not participate in this competition. Other entrants also include Saint-Run, Alvin Kamara, New York Jet, Robby, Anderson, Denver Musk, Junan, Denver, Mohammad (Khalfani Muhammad) ), Chicago Xionghe Wei John – John Franklin, San Francisco 49 people take over Rich-James, Minnesota Weikong takes hands, Jeff Badet, and teammates – Waynes, Free players, Waijun, Jalen MYRICK, Rashard Robinson, Charles James and Trell Sincfield (Terrell Sinkfield.

Pony intends to recruit old quartersUS time on Wednesday, according to NFL NetWork reporters, Pony is currently intended to recruit old four-point guards – Philip Rivers. According to the opinions of physical assay, Lifes most likely is indeed, Indianapolis.

Pete – Carroll (Pete Carroll) said: “We made a mistake in tactics signal the players confused, very unfortunate opponents to complete a simple touchdown players do not get the same signal, so it was done. Has happened. “Thomas confirmed Carol’s statement, he said:” The defensive group we are in this tactics, but the other half is playing another. When we don’t communicate, things will happen. I think Sherr Man is close to the side line, he got the correct instruction, but this did not convey to everyone. “

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