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Seattle Haiying’s next tough scheduleOn Thursday night, Seattle Eagle defeated the 49th game of San Francisco in 19 to 3, which is very important to Seattle in many respects, but a key fact is that the Hawks have the most difficult schedule in NFL.

The black panther will sign the front saints 4 points Date Di BridgewaterAfter allowing the four-point guards, Cam Newton seeks the transaction to the team, Carolina Black Panther quickly found successors.

In the case of an interview, Bulok said that if there is a chance to participate in the NBA, you will have a good performance. “I can shoot in the bottom corner, get 12 to 15 points, shoot a few three points,” he said. “You have to let me and LeBron or Chris Paul, so I can stay in the bottom corner, let them organize the attack and feed the ball to me.”

This season, Allen won a starting position through all-around performance. Since the season, he won a total of 374 yards and ran the team with the excellent score of 7 buses. In the past 7 games, he had completed the 6 games in it. The absence of Allen also brought more opportunities for another close-end Copener-Fleener. His game is 144 yards in the game, and the number of balls in this season will be raised to 439 yards. We will continue to pay attention to Allen’s injury, as an important part of the team attack, his injury affects the hearts of the pony fans.

Xiaoma near the end of Derry – AllenIn this week’s Sunday, Indianapolis Pony is located at 20-42, a new England Patriot. In the competition, the small horse near the end of Dewn Allene Allen was in advance of ankle injury. After the first half was injured in the first half, I accepted the simple treatment and examination of the team. The team first lasted him as “may return”. After further examination of the midfield, Allen was seriously confirmed by the imagination than imagination.

The four teams that the Hawks next season will be in the next three teams now are 29 wins and 17 losses, and 63 percent game winning rate, this obviously the highest in the team of four competition two national union cards. of. 49 people (7 wins and 5 negative) are slightly lost to the Detroit Lion, Dallas Cowboy and Haiying, these teams are 8 wins and 4 losses. San Francisco has a second difficult schedule in the competition for the National Fame season.

It is worth noting that the panther’s new offensive coordinator Joe Brady has served as the saints of the saints in 2018. He and Bridgewater have worked. Given that Breddy adopted some Saint-Saint-Attacking system during the teaching of Louisiana, Brid and Braddy’s collaboration and his experience in Saints should make him quickly adapted to the role of the Black Panther.

Last season, Bridgewater completed 67.9% of the pass, and the average passed a total of 7.1 yards, a total of 9 times to reach 2 passes was copied. In the first appearance, Bridgewater exhibits a quick power. It is expected that he will be very suitable for the Black Leopard to run to Kristian – McArristian McCaffrey and the outer pickup D. J. Moore (D.j. Moore).

2020NFL dragons: Joe-BolroThe 2020nfl drainage conference, Cincinnati, unscrupulous, signed a quarter from Luisiana State University, Joe Burrow. This is also followed by Keller-Murray and the former Bake-Merfield, the NFL draft era first continuously three-year-inlant is the Hesmann winner.

It is possible that the Clark’s fair will change the pattern of this year’s draft. John Schneider, General Manager of Haiying, clearly said that he would want to listen to the transaction quote when he faced a reporter last week. It has been reported that the Hawks ask a first round of draft as a return.

The Hawks still have the opportunity to win the name of the country, although they need some help, Arizona’s Tseart is now 9 wins and 2 losses, will be 4 wins and 7-loud Atlantan Falcon on Sunday. The Hawks and Sapphid will fight on Arizona on December 21, but the Hawk has defeated the red tones in Seattle last week, but the Hawo still needs Arizona to lose to other teams, even if the Hawks defeated the second time. Rocque.

Of course, Bolo does not feel that he can become a player such as LeBron James in NBA, he gives himself the NBA template is the Cleveland rider after Matthew Dellavedova. Although I believe that I will perform well in shooting, Bolo admits that I will not be good at defense. “I can’t prevent anyone,” he said.

It is almost all the fans of Joe-Burro, every time with LSU’s game, everyone will gather together to see Joe-Burro’s game. On both sides of the road, you can see Joe-Bolro’s billboard everywhere. He has become a spiritual symbol of the local area.

Cincinnati, did not hesitate to use the 犹 状 元 元 波 波,, 为 为 为 为 为 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 的 了 了 了 了 季 季 季 了 了 是 了 了 了 季 季 季 季 季 季 季 了 季 季Cincinnati tiger in the game. The Tiger Team has determined that Joe Berro as the team’s cornerstone, and began to build a team around him. In addition to Burro, Tiger is still 26 years old Lanley, Ryan Finley and 23-year-old Jack Dolegala, tiger offensive group does not have a good attack weapon, they have a new star Wei Mikesson and Super Superstar take over AJ-Green, last year’s first round show left cut, Jona Williams injured, Http://Yoursupermarket.Com the new season Tiger offensive group will look at it.

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