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In addition, the jet special group has been punished for 3 fouls, including a violation of the rules, one offside and collision playing. At present, the team’s high-quality coordinator is Bobby April, and he said that the team will change in this week with Tennesi Titan.

As the close-end, Geloski has speed and strength, his body makes the opponent unsuccessful. The anti-therapel bear’s wire guards and second-line lineups are full of wounded soldiers, and this big player cannot be stopped at all in the game. The patriot four points Tom Brady This evaluated his teammates: “He is huge, high speed, strong, he is like a beast, it is difficult to block.”

Since the last week, after the glory of the brain, this Friday Maijun first participated in the team training, and the coach Mike Pettine hinted that McCahn will replace the Johnny Manziel. Sunday’s game on Titani Titan.

In the 2016 season, averaged 4.2 yards per shock and the total polic ball was promoted to more than 2,000 yards, Johnson added a total of 2088 yards in the past two seasons. Most of them come from last seasons, he scored thousands of yards and a total of 10 times.

This season, Gronoski resumed healthy, his excellent performance helped patriots in the past 4 weeks. What is worrying is that Gronoski in the game has a dehydration. Fortunately, he said that this will not affect him to continue the game, he will avoid this problem in the future, making more contributions to the team.

“When you participate in the rugby competition like me, you believe that you are superman, no one can block,” Shathel said. “But in the moment I was injured, I am no longer a superman, which is hard to accept. But in my opinion, God has a purpose about our arrangements. He let me play 20 years. Now is It’s time when I do what he wants me. “

Jet special service coordinator: need to changeThe Stone of New York Jet is poor this season. Last week, in the game with New York giants, the opponent back Essence de Welne-Haris (DWAYNE HARRIS) completed the 80 yards back to attack. This also exposes two questions: 1. The team’s abandoning kick and the assault man showed bad. 2. The team’s special tactical arrangement is not properly arranged.

Gronoski: I like to feel the feelingIn this week, New England patriots swept the game of Chicago, the Patriot Star Close Rob – Rob Gronkowski raised the head, one of the 46-yard ball reached the audience. After the game, Gronoski said in an interview: “I like to score, I have two eyes every time I entered the Red District. This is great.”

NFL president Roger – Goodell (Roger Goodell), said: “Tom – Benson contribution to New Orleans and the wholesale Nfl jerseys worth go down in history he bought a small win kept losing team, and help them first. after three years in the playoffs. during Hurricane Katrina hit, Tom will maintain the team together. he let the team move to return to New Orleans, but also to help people restore a firm belief. saints with wonderful football championship games and the Super Bowl back the support of his people. Tom loves New Orleans, he is a generous philanthropist and concern of others in the NFL, he also has absolute leadership. “

Apli said: “We need to change. We may use some different players in this week.” Relevant persons believe that jets use some of the offensive groups and defensive groups to help the special team. According to the statistics of ESPN, the expected score of the high-tech group of the jet can only be ranked 30 in the league.

February 2010, the Saints surmounted by a Peyton – Manning (Peyton Manning) led the Indianapolis Colts to win the only Super Bowl team. During Benson served as owner, the Saints get to the playoffs 11 times, twice to enter the National League Championship Series.

“Football gives me everything I want. This sports church, I have worked hard, put, teamwork,” Shathel in the statement released on social media. “This exercise makes me entered the university and NFL. Let me make money. Give me most people can only dream life. Today, I am here to make sure that I still love football. I am grateful for me. I am here to let the world know today I officially retired from me so much. “

Benson started with a car salesman identity, and finally the development of their careers automobile dealership empire. For $ 70 million he bought the Saints in 1985, two years later, the Saints into the playoffs for the first time in team history.

This season, Johnson played 11 games in the 13 games of Arizona, but only participated in the team’s 48.3% offense. The journey of joining the team in the season of the season, Kenyan Drake, has become the team’s number one running guard. Since his first time in the ninth week, Drake completed 65 shocks, while at the same time, Johnson completed a total of 12 shots in the past four games.

After injury, the steel man continued the contract of Shazur for two consecutive years, and put him into the list of injuries and could not appear, so that he can recover in the team. In March this year, the steel man put him in the retired player reserve list. And now Shazir officially decided to retire.

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