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With a height of 5 feet 7 inch, the weight of 170 pounds of Nickle is one of the smallest corner guards in the league. He has a fast pace in the vicinity of the kicking line to follow the opponent trough.

According to ESPN reporters, if the Kansas Chief chooses to give up Charles, the eagle is likely to sign Charles, because the eagle’s head of Damage Doug, Doug Pederson, has served as a chief attack coordinator for 3 years, very familiar with Charles.

But this choice is obviously very risky, Charles has been 30 years old, and just ending the knee surgery, two knees have encountered ligament tears, because injuries he only completed the ball last season.

Cowboy’s second wave of attack is reassembled to abandon the death. Viking people seize the opportunity and then next city. Quartz Qiusins ​​once again connected Rudolph to take 1 code, Viking 14-0 cowgirl, expanded the leading advantage.

Viking began to change the strategy, frequently using the ground flush, and finally the 2 yards of the Dalvin Cook completed 2 yards. Not only that, the Viking also chose 2 points to convert, Cousins ​​and Rudolph once again completed the connection, and becomes 2 points. Viking 28-21 cowboy, researched leading advantages into 1 ball right.

Cowboy 46-point GPles Cott 46 passed the 397 yards, 3 times of passing to more than 1 time, Cheap Jerseys running, running to Elliott Flat Push 20 times a shock only to advance 47 yards, external The library and UN brooch were brought by 147 yards and 106 yards, and each had a ball to reach.

After no one in the entire offset period, Johnson said that his own imperative is to sign a contract with a strong team to have the opportunity to hit the career. Now he is 463 yards from this milestone.

Bill Weekly announced that Robes have renewed with the team. NFL official website reporter Rand Getlin reported that Robe has signed a two-year renewal contract according to the report of the informed news. The team hopes to return Robes to the contribution.

After experiencing the brilliant and subsequent troughs known as “CJ2K”, Chris Johnson was resuscited in the Ramp, and he got more than 800 yards in the 2015 season, but it suffered a tibial fracture at the end of November. He only gave a 4 game last season, and he was reimbursed in the end of October.

According to the team’s twitter report, Kelly signed a four-year contract on Tuesday. According to the NFL media, the total value of this contract is 16 million US dollars, including 5.4 million US dollars.

Viking once again used the ground scorpion again, but this effect is not ideal, the three-speed conversion failed, only to give up the kick. After the cowboy took the right off, Prescot was successfully entered the Red District of the Viking in the Wi-Beijing Red Area after each 10 yards of the 10 yards. At this point, the cowboy starts using the ground offensive time, but the three-speed conversion before the end zone failed to be. Still backward quadrant cowboy has not succeeded. Viking successfully caused the conversion of the ball. Although cowboy uses 3 temporary, it successfully took back the ball. However, the final stroke of Cowboy 4-point Wanfu Maria was sanctified by Weijing, Jayron Kearse. In the end, Viking has a shock 28-24 overcome the cowboy.

If the wild horse is not determined to win the card, they should turn the target to others. The nearest news is that wild horses may choose Josh McCown, or Brian Hoyer, a Houston Texas, is also one of the choices. Due to Griffin’s arrival, McCahn became alternate four-point guard, and Brock Osweiler reported that Hoyer lost its first hair.

Jet 14 million US dollars to continue to take over Jeremy Kerley is a pride for the New York jet. He was selected in the university period of Andy Dalton, in 2011, the fifth round of 2011. The team will now make him further.

“Since we signed him in 2013, Robes have always been our team outstanding and reliable angular guards,” Doug Whaley said in the team statement. “I thank our scout team to discover and signed a player in the new show signature. Since entering NFL, Nickle has been working hard and uses a good opportunity to complete defensive. In Reck Under the guidance of Rex Ryan and coaching group, we believe that Nekers will continue to grow and contribute to the defensive group. “

This high-end take-away has reached a record of 90 goals in this season, and his previous three seasons averaged 40 times a season. Plus Platini-Havin’s addition, the jet external connector has become very sufficient. However, Kelly is the most trusted pass point of Kino-Smith (Geno Smith). He has completed 22 battles this season and a reachable.

Compared to the Viking Red District weakness, the cowboy offensive group successfully achieved the reach. Prescott 12 code lines take over Amari cooper to complete the reachable. Cowboy 21-20 Viking, anti-Chaoti, the first time in the game.

At the beginning of the game, the cowboy first croissants were unfavorable, the first wave of attacking Brett Maher 57 yards resembled attempts. The first wave of Viking after the ball will go to the ball, the four-dimensional baths Kirk Cousins ​​front 1 code connection close-end Fengkell Rudolph (Kyle Rudolph) Take the ball to reach, Viking 7-0 cowboy.

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