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Jet is intended to retain Run Bell and Safety YadosUS time on Tuesday, in an interview in the jets, running Weidian-Bell (Veon Bell) and the safety Wei Mamal-Adams’s proimaries have become focus. General Manager John Douglas said that the team will work hard to leave two people.

The fourteenth week of the best offensive player: New York Giants Quartz, MANNING, when Manning is required to pass the success rate of 70%, many people think this is a joke. Manning exceeded this goal in the game that defeated Miami dolphins, reaching 87%, his 31 passed 28 successfully got 337 yards 4 times.

Whether it is an old Nick Foles or a second-grade player Gardner-Mingdu (Gardner minShew) served as the first quarter-off, Grullon will try to let the Jaguay go back to the playoffs in the 2020 season. He needs a poor Jagi offensive group that is poor in simply click the following website page past two seasons to increase the outstanding state of the prematoth in 2017.

Before joining the red skin, Grunette served as a Cincinnati Mason’s offensive coordinator in 2011, during which the Tiger came into the playoffs for 3 consecutive years, and the four points Wei Di Dalton from one The rookie growth is a starter player with a stable.

When talking about Adams, Douglas said: “He is a player who exceeds people’s imagination. I hope that Jamar is staying in the jet. We have already communicated with his broker, I will not say too much detail, but hope Let Adams stay here for a long time. “

The fourteenth week of the best defensive players: St. Louis ram defensive cut off Aaron Donald, like Mike, we have recently discussed Alon Donald. In the 21-14 defeated Detroit Lion, Donald has achieved 3 kills, and the total number of unbelievous murders increased to 11 times. For an inner rushing hand, such data indicates the location of future celebrities.

Last Week America Tiger fired John Defilippo. Grunette is a third offensive coordinator for Jiji in recent years. The team coach Doug-Mark Marrone is not stable, and he will certainly hope that Grid’s arrival will help you consolidate the position.

Let’s cut the picture on October 16, 2006, Green’s Arizona Tseart record 1 won the 4-loss home to fight the 5-game winning Chicago Bear, the red rock halfway is 20 to 0, the third quarter is still 23 to 3 Leading, but eventually, when the game is still 2 minutes and 58 seconds, as the bear team returns to David Hester, the 83-drawn kick is running back, and the final Chicago is reversed in 24 to 23.

The patriot will run the Sony-Michel et al. Add to New Crown Reserve List. US time Saturday, according to NFL NetWork reporters report, patriots will run Sony Michel, struck SHAQ Mason, and defensive end Edge-Rivers (Derek Rivers) Add new crown reserves.

The 4th Week, the best offensive player: New York Jet 4-point Wei Lan Fitzpatrick, Fitz Patrick’s recent hot, in his and external hands Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall has played the best performance in combined partnership. The cooperation between Fitz Patrick and Marshall is excellent in this season, helping Fitz Patrick to win 263 yards 3 times in 36 passes in the game against Tennesi Titan.

Although some alarmist, but it had to be pointed out that the road Seahawks Marshawn Lynch relied too offensive a person, once wounded beast, came off the bench to replace running back can present this in a weak offensive line continues to output the back, still very worrying.

NFL has recently added “high-risk” close contact with “high risk”, and those who have been added to this class must isolate for five days. The patriot has canceled Friday training before positive cases, and the game will still be carried out according to the original plan on Sunday.

Another area of ​​concern is wide receiver few people know of Douglas McNeil, this name stands 1 meter 91 wide receiver from the Indoor Football League. In the training ground he played excellent performance is not consistent with fame. Monday’s training, he was first in the line of the ball a far-reaching defeated Richard Sherman, and then received a deep pass at cornerback Cary Williams, another possible starting defense, which is two consecutive outstanding performance fans and the media hype, if we can keep this state, he is not only wishing to enter the 53-man squad Seahawks, even likely in two months later, McNeil’s name will appear on every upcoming defense against the Seahawks on the list of priorities of research linebackers coach.

After the competition, after being weighed, a reporter asked Green a problem with the harm “coach, quadman) four times and killed 2 times, you are What do you see? How do you make them shut up? “Green’s answer sound continued to improve the” Xiong team as we imagined, they were as strong as we imagined, we and they tried in the preseason, who Fucking knows that the third quarter is like a shit? How do you understand? This is why we have bad performances on the court! Now if you want them to go, learn to kick their ass! But they are Very powerful, so we must first get rid of the dilemma! “

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